Thermal Scanning System FeverWarn Releases Next Generation Products

Thermal Scanning System FeverWarn Releases Next Generation Products

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The pioneering fist-based thermal scanner FeverWarn, which launched during the early days of the pandemic and found wide acceptance in schools, factories and hospitals as a mass fever screening system, is now ready with its next generation models.

“Evolving needs during the pandemic and feedback from our customers in various segments have helped us improve on an industry-leading product,” said Conrad Bessemer, Co-Founder and Chairman of MachineSense, the manufacturer of FeverWarn. “Next generation models of FeverWarn have multiple enhancements that have been asked for by our thousands of customers especially hospitals and schools.  Next generation models include an onboard instead of remote speaker, a display screen for temperature and an extended scanning engine that features proprietary object sensing to improve accuracy and avoid spoofing,” added Bessemer.

FeverWarn is no ordinary temperature scanner for simple fever screening. It provides accurate infrared measurement that is FDA compliant, facilitates non-contact, self-service thermal scanning, can be used for triggering operations of doors and gates, and offers cloud-based data compliance for legal protection.

FeverWarn’s next generation models are already available for sale on the company’s online store, on all major marketplaces, and at select office technology retailers. Feverwarn products are also available on the GSA marketplace.

Thermal Scanning System FeverWarn Releases Next Generation Products

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