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FeverWarn is an IOT based skin temperature scanning system from MachineSense. The current models scan skin temperature at doorway entrances so that it acts as your virtual screening tool without the need for personnel to hold IR scanning devices and compromise social distancing rules. The data is then captured and can be integrated to any third party IT system.

IR Sensor with bracket for easy retrofit mounting with one infrared, touchless temperature sensor will be installed in a fixture or existing entryways so that infrared radiations from a human body can be measured for elevated temperatures. The sensor measures the surface temperature by detecting infrared radiation energy and wavelength distribution. The IR temperature probe consists of an optical system, photoelectric detector, amplifier, signal processing, and output module. The optical system collects the infrared radiation in its field of view and the infrared radiation energy is converted into corresponding electrical signals when converging on the photoelectric detector. It operates from 3.3 to 5 VDC. Data is sent to Datahub via BLE/I2C at a rate of up to 1000 samples/sec.

Datahub/Intelligence IOT Edge Module. This device reads all the signals from the sensor, calibrates the reading and signals whether a high temperature reading is detected or not. A LED light indicates that result. The alarm can be integrated with automated-door system via relay. Module can also be connected to the cloud application where the company can see all the statistics recorded over the past three months.

LED lights to signal go/no-go from temperature reading or upgraded model with speaker announcement giving instructions (user customizable) to individuals passing through the system or detected by the system.

CrystalBall Software Platform. Each company can register their company name and product serial numbers in the MachineSense CrystalBall software platform. Each entrant with a time stamp is recorded. This is included free on all Software included models for a period of one year. After one year it can be renewed at $10/month or $100/year. (not on all models)

FeverWarn can be powered by 110/220V 60Hz AC Power Supply.

FeverWarn’s Edge module offers a relay signal to integrate with automatic openings. The relay is fired when a delay is detected. It is available as Modbus or UART over USB. Customers have to integrate the relay with their existing door controllers.

FeverWarn is a patent pending system developed by IOT company MachineSense and its partner Novatec, Inc. a US manufacturer with over 50 years of experience in industrial equipment. Following are the unique features of FeverWarn compared to other products

  1. It is available over various easy to retrofit version for doors, employee check-in etc.
  2. It can be integrated with automated doors via relay which is offered over Modbus and UART
  3. Alarm and statistics are sent to cloud. Deployers can receive alarms with time stamp from SMS/Email
  4. Alarm and other statistics are available over REST API to integrate with any existing ERP system
  5. For large scale deployments, it offers auto-calibration system for easy maintenance
  6. Calibrated using human body easily to maintain calibration.

FeverWarn’s initial products are designed especially for doorways at building entrances. FeverWarn is your virtual screen tool to assure employees and customers of an efficient screening process without violating social distancing standards. Custom configurations for other applications are fully available through our engineering group.

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