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Traditional infrared thermometers scan your forehead to measure skin temperature. But does forehead temperature tell us anything about core body temperature, the true sign of fever? In most cases, NO! Especially in cold-weather countries where people coming in from the extreme cold outdoors will have far lower skin temperature than core body temperature.

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Introducing OPX Technology by FeverWarn

OPX Technology uses multiple geometric spatial sensors and AI-based algorithms to extend the ambient range of infrared thermometers and scanners by up to 50%—making hand-held forehead scanners obsolete.

IR Thermometer

The problem is, forehead or skin temperature can be increased or decreased independently of deep body temperature, for many reasons. Having just been in a cold or hot environment, sunburn, having just exercised, wearing too many clothes, having consumed alcohol, having just eaten, having a variety of skin conditions — these can all influence skin temperature. Such factors can result in false positives, where someone is suspected of having a fever when they do not, and false negatives, where someone passes a screening test but has a fever.

Neither outcome is good. The former means people will have to be checked further or prevented from doing things. The latter means infected individuals gain access to places where they can spread the infection, or feel they are virus-free so do not need to take other precautions, such as mask-wearing, social distancing, or washing their hands.

False Positives
False Negatives

The new technology consists of new spatial geometric sensors combined with an artificial intelligence algorithm to filter out the effects of cold or hot weather. FeverWarn’s OPX technology is so ahead of its time, it even can help indirect or direct sunlight interference which has been an issue for handheld infrared thermometers and forehead scanners previously.

FeverWarn Infrared Thermometers With OPX Technology

IR Thermometer

Model FW-250D OPX Self-Service Thermal Hand Scanner (Fully Integratable)

Automatic Infrared Temperature Scanner

FeverWarn Model FW-OPX-1100A3 Self-Service Thermal Hand Scanner with Onboard Data Storage

Automatic Temperature Scanner

FeverWarn Model FW-OPX-1100B3 Self-Service Thermal Hand Scanner with Microsoft® Azure or Private Cloud Storage

Why FeverWarn is Best Among Infrared Thermometers

There’s Lots of Ways to Measure Temperature…But Few Include All the Advantages of FeverWarn.

Accuracy. Reliability. Simplicity. Safety

FeverWarn is ideally designed and positioned to offer advantages in self-service monitoring, proven accuracy, data storage and USB outputs all at a reasonable price and easy installation over alternative infrared thermometers. Like all IR thermometers outdoor use is not recommended and it should be installed inside.

Mass Temperature Screening Device


Forehead Infrared Thermometer

Most Infrared forehead temperature guns, although accurate and affordable, require human interaction and do not allow for proper social distancing. Sun, makeup, and varying heights also add to the difficulties of measuring the temperature from the forehead. Not for outside.


infrared technology

Uses same infrared technology as FeverWarn. Compromised by forehead perspiration, hair, makeup and head coverings not found on wrist measurements


Accuracy depends on perspiration, makeup, hair and positioning distance


Head covering

Head covering would need to be removed

Human intervention

Human intervention required

No data outputs

No data outputs for provable future compliance defense

auxiliary devices

No data outputs for auxiliary devices

FeverWarn - Thermal Scanner


FeverWarn OPX Series Infrared Thermometer

FeverWarn uses the same infrared sensors as other thermal scanners, but has been specifically designed for fist/wrist artery temperature scanning, which is not subject to high perspiration, significant hair, head coverings or make-up. Not for outside.


Manufactured in the USA

Manufactured in the USA

Consistent accuracy

Consistent accuracy not compromised by forehead perspiration, make-up, hair and head coverings

Sensor location

Sensor location is not compromised by UV sunlight

cloud data storage

Offers either local or cloud data storage to preserve compliance with monitoring guidelines

No additional intervention

No additional intervention or supervision required as with handheld temperature guns

Offers output signals

Offers output signals for doors and gates as well as integration with employee card systems

Convenient stands

Convenient stands and shrouds available to assist installation

Camera Based - AI Temperature Screening System


Camera Based Thermal Scanner

Thermal scanning cameras, while accurate, are expensive, and in some cases where facial recognition is used can cause privacy concerns. Not for outside.


No human intervention

No human intervention required

data outputs

Some models provide data outputs for future compliance defense

auxiliary devices

Some models provide data outputs for auxiliary devices

infrared sensor

Most use similar infrared sensor principle as FeverWarn


Accuracy depends on exposure to UV sunlight, makeup, facial coverings and distance and resolution of camera

high resolution camera

Not recommended for crowd scanning unless very high resolution camera, should primarily be used for individual scanning as with FeverWarn.


separately sold computer interface not included

Typically require separately sold computer interface not included

Privacy concerns

Privacy concerns

FeverWarn Infrared Thermometer Models

Which FeverWarn is right for me?

Automatic Temperature Scanner Automatic Temperature Scanner
Color screen displays temperature in range of font sizes Flashes red or green depending on results FW-130 - LED Go/NoGo FW-200 - LED Go/NoGo
Built-in buzzer/alarm alert FW-200 - Mobile app to calibrate and view last 24 hours of data FW-230 - Mobile app to calibrate and view last 24 hours of data
Mobile app for iOS or Android FW-200 - Visitor waiver form for visiting guest FW-230 - Visitor waiver form for visiting guest
OPX proprietary sensor technology with expanded ambient range FW-200 - Local storage (20M scans) FW-230 - Local storage (20M scans)
Stand option $139 $139
Desktop stand option $89 $89
Wall-mount bracket FW-200 - Optional stands FW-230 - Optional stands
Wireless connectivity FW-200 - Update via mobile app FW-230 - Update via mobile app
Automatic product updates FW-200 - USB outputs FW-230 - USB outputs
Calibration FW-200 - Auxiliary USB outputs for gate/door FW-230 - Auxiliary USB outputs for gate/door
Calibration log


FW-230 - Voice announcement
Data storage methods

1000 scans onboard Wireless downloads

Private storage with master datahub option

No Microsoft® Cloud

1000 scans onboard Wireless downloads

Private storage with master datahub option

Microsoft® Azure Cloud

Crystalball app subscription

Annually renewable,
first year free

Annually renewable,
first year free

Cloud storage


Six months

Manage multiple FeverWarn devices via cloud

NO (only with purchase of master datahub option)

FW-230 - Two-years of cloud data
Email/text alerts


FW-230 - WiFi Dongle
Auxiliary USB outputs for doors, card readers, RFID, and more



Product availability

Available from stock

Available from stock

Price $599 $759

NOTE: FeverWarn as with most infrared devices is not sold as a medical device, but is intended as initial screening for secondary clinical confirmation.

Automated mass fever screening, better for north american winter & summer. Made in USA, Complient with US privacy laws & FDA.

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FAQ on OPX Technology by FeverWarn

  • How does external weather affect an infrared thermometer?

    Traditional infrared thermometers that point at your forehead are only measuring your skin temperature to try to identify whether you have an increased core body temperature (also called deep body temperature), which is a true index of fever, one of the leading signs of Covid-19. Extreme hot or cold weather changes your skin temperature but not your core body temperature, thereby giving false positives and false negatives in fever scans.

  • How can you verify that an Infrared Thermometer is Accurate?

    Take your temperature in a normal indoor setting using a forehead infrared thermometer. Then spend some time outside in extreme cold weather or sit next to source of heat for a while, and then again take your temperature. You will see that your forehead temperature has changed within a matter of minutes. This will show you that the traditional forehead infrared thermometer that you are using is only reading your skin temperature, but not your core body temperature which is the true index of a fever. A FeverWarn infrared thermometer with OPX technology, which takes your fist/wrist temperature, will give you a consistent read of your temperature proving its accuracy at determining core body temperature in all settings.

  • Which Handheld Thermometer Is Best For My Business?

    For any business, a few factors are very important when it comes to scanning for fever at entry points: - That the method be self-service as opposed to requiring manpower, so that costs are minimized; - That the reading be accurate without false positives and false negatives so that liability is reduced and safety is increased; - That the fever scanning tool ideally have the ability to handle recording of data as well as integrations for automatic operation of entry and exit doors. All of the above features are not available in traditional hand-held, forehead-based, infrared thermometers. Only a FeverWarn self-service, infrared thermometer with OPX technology has the ability to deliver on all the above requirements.

  • Are infrared thermometers accurate in cold weather?

    No. The Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health noted years ago that “the accuracy of infrared skin thermometers is equivocal and requires more research”.The problem is traditional infrared thermometers used on the forehead only read your skin temperature. And forehead or skin temperature can be increased or decreased independently of deep body temperature, for many reasons. Having just been in a cold or hot environment, sunburn, having just exercised, wearing too many clothes, having consumed alcohol, having just eaten, having a variety of skin conditions — these can all influence skin temperature, thereby making a regular infrared thermometer inaccurate.

  • Can you take body temperature with an infrared thermometer?

    Infrared thermometer can take only skin temperature. It is assumed, skin temperature of forehead, wrists or forearm is closer to core-body temperature. Feverwarn IR thermometers predict corebody temperature by measuring skin temperature and ambient temperature.

  • Can you use an infrared thermometer on yourself?

    Yes, there are self-serving Infrared thermometers like the one designed by Feverwarn models. A user can scan his/her wrist, Fist or Foreheads easily using self-serving Feverwarn models.