MachineSense–Fast Moving Consumer Goods

MindSphere Use Case

Machine Health Monitoring


  • VFDs are popular to save energy costs but do experience failures adding risk to process uptime.
  • Harmonic distortion from VFDs can disrupt nearby power circuits causing malfunctions or overheat scenarios in surrounding components.


  • Reduce unplanned downtime and stay on track with production targets.
  • Improve maintenance schedule while reducing costs of maintenance related labor and manual inspections.

Transformation Results

  • VFD Power Analyzer feeds continuous data to MindSphere analytics which provides real time issue diagnosis and trending of KPIs.
  • Improved productivity and energy usage.
  • Predictive analytics allow for improved maintenance schedules for monitored and surrounding equipment.

    Application:  MachineSense Crystalball

    Industry Focus: Fast Moving Consumer Goods

    Predictive Maintenance –  The Crystalball application provides KPIs on the power quality, Machine utilization, Predictive maintenance and Energy usage of critical equipment and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) to reduce unplanned downtime, energy wastage and product quality issues.  The app works with MachineSense power quality analyzer products that include several variants: 1 port, 2 port, 4 port and VFD versions.

    Connectivity – Supervisors, Maintenance Planners, Plant Managers, machines, MindSphere and MindSphere-created algorithms.

    Process Impact – Visualization of KPIs to provide insight into line power quality,  energy usage, improve maintenance schedule, and reduce unplanned downtime.

    Business Opportunities

    Decrease unplanned downtime

    Increase machine utilization

    Increase energy efficiency

    Improve visibility to power quality metrics

    Accelerate maintenance workflows and reduce manual inspections