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Thermal Scanner - Automated AI Temperature Screening System

Self-service thermal scanning with reliable results in one second or less!

Simply place your fist, wrist or forearm under the scanner (1-4 inches away) and a few seconds later you will get either a flashing green or red screen with the temperature display.

  • Accurate infrared measurement that is FDA compliant.
  • Non-contact, self-service thermal scanning.
  • Provides outputs for triggering auxiliary doors or gates.
  • Offers data compliance storage for legal protections.
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Self-service temperature screening • Available local or cloud storage • Available outputs for door and gate security

Checks all the right boxes for temperature screening.

FeverWarn measures the accurate temperature of individuals through their fist in 3-5 seconds, and in an orderly manner allowing for the recommended six feet of social distancing. The National Institute of Health has named the fist as a viable option for conducting a temperature check.

FDA compliantFDA compliant thermal scanning

AccuracyAccuracy to +/-0.9°F

Self-servicingSelf-servicing, no human intervention required

Data reportingData reporting to shield from future liability

Auxiliary USB outputsAuxiliary USB outputs for card readers, doors and gates

DesignedDesigned, built and shipped in the USA

Reasonably pricedReasonably priced

Make A Fist, See For Yourself

Body Temperature Scanner App

Increased body temperatures spreads to the skin via blood circulation. The skin surface of the hand, due to exposed high arterial flow, responds easily and steadily to changes in mean body temperature. Results are repeatable and steady with +/- 0.5 degrees.

Body Temperature Screening System

Try it yourself. Make a fist. You can clearly see the arteries in the hand leading to the fingers. The closeness of these arteries to the skin wall makes this area ideal for self-scanning and produces excellent results across a vast majority of the population.

Why the Wrist Beats the Head in Temperature Scanning

  • Virtually no perspiration vs. heavy perspiration of forehead which interferes with thermal scanning
  • Reduced hair on wrist/fist vs. possible hair interfering with forehead thermal scanners
  • No makeup on wrist/fist vs. eye and skin makeup on head thermal scanning
  • No interference by hats and face covering, which is commonplace with head thermal scanning
  • Easy self-serving without danger of personnel exposure prior to results
Automatic Thermal Temperature Measurement and Screening System

The back of the hand has ideal arterial blood flow, which accurately correlates to mean body temperature. Research confirms, the back of the hand has one of the most steady readings which is ideal for thermal scanning.

What Happens in Colder Weather?

All infrared fever scanners have some inherent issues in colder ambient temperatures, especially when measuring unprotected body surfaces’ temperature. Knowing this, we’ve designed maximum flexibility into the FeverWarn 150/250 series. A longer snout allows for the scanning of the wrist/fist area and other body surfaces as well. With colder weather, the wrist’s underside is usually more protected from the cold, enabling individuals to obtain an accurate scan of the wrist or forearm’s underside by pulling up their coat/sweater sleeve.

This is especially true in high wind chill conditions because cold wind draws heat from exposed body parts (forehead, hands, etc.), leaving the skin surface much colder. Winter windchill can make the situation worse as a few minutes of exposure can drive down the skin and internal body temperature, hampering thermal results.

Body Temperature Scanner
Automated Temperature Screening

So Much More than a Thermal Temperature Scanner…

Outputs for Integration with Doors, Gates and Employee Tracking Systems

Models 150 and 250 FeverWarn Thermal Scanning Systems include a USB port to control external relays, which can be used to send outputs to auxiliary devices, including gates and security doors. By using an appropriate USB to RS232/485 or digital high/low relay converter (based on the existing access control relay protocol) users can control their gate access operation.

Integration with Employee Card Readers

An RFID smart card reader can be plugged into the FeverWarn USB adapter enabling communications with the FeverWarn system.

Microservices can be used to send alerts, emails, and other data to devices on the network.

FeverWarn Temperature Scanner can capture the ID from the RFID smart card and link it to identify the individual being scanned.

Touchless Body Temperature Screening Machine

Integration with Automatic Door/Gate Systems

Doorway Thermal Temperature Scanner

Using the USB port to control external relays (provided in device), we can input to any other on-premise device such as security doors. Since existing relays may be RS232/485 or digital ON/OFF, etc. it will necessitate the use of an appropriate USB converter to convert the relay to a USB connection.

A smart lock for commercial doors could be plugged into the FeverWarn USB adapter enabling communication with the FeverWarn Thermal Scanner to unlock the door.

So Much More than a Thermal Temperature Scanner...

FeverWarn is Your Expert Witness for Ongoing Compliance Reporting

With CDC's recommendations to monitor employee health and take measures to protect your employees. Compliance data backups and full reporting are an important part of avoiding future workman's compensation or liability claims.

  • Legal experts claim that following all CDC recommendations and being able to prove such will help insulate you against legal claims.
  • Most handheld thermal scanners and even many thermal scanning systems have no way of retaining data or generating visual reporting.

FeverWarn Data Thermal Scanner Storage Options

  • 100 Series: Local on board storage with 16GB storage for up to 20 million scans. Can be exported into CSV format for manipulation. Phone visualization for daily scans.
  • 200 Series: Local and cloud storage available through Microsoft Azure. Visualization available for up to 6 months of data. CSV reports available for download. Also includes microservices for email and text alerts.
  • Local Cloud: If the use of an outside cloud such as Microsoft Azure is objectionable, users can easily configure their own local cloud storage to keep everything on premise.
Infrared Fever Screening System

Feverwarn offers legal liability coverage, including:

  • Storage of scanned temperature data
  • Storage of calibration logs confirming valid calibration
  • All data from visitor waiver form (Users can use FeverWarn visitor waiver mobile app where all stored data can be downloaded from the cloud or local storage.)

FeverWarn offers either local storage (for up to 20 million scans) which is downloadable to a smart device for CSV file handling or cloud storage depending on model specified.

Why FeverWarn is Best Among Thermal Scanners

There’s Lots of Ways to Measure Temperature…But Few Include All the Advantages of FeverWarn.

Accuracy. Reliability. Simplicity. Safety

FeverWarn is ideally designed and positioned to offer advantages in self-service monitoring, proven accuracy, data storage and USB outputs all at a reasonable price and easy installation over alternative thermal scanners. Like all IR scanners outdoor use is not recommended and it should be installed inside.

Mass Temperature Screening Device


Forehead Thermal Scanner

Most Infrared forehead temperature guns, although accurate and affordable, require human interaction and do not allow for proper social distancing. Sun, makeup, and varying heights also add to the difficulties of measuring the temperature from the forehead. Not for outside.


infrared technology

Uses same infrared technology as FeverWarn. Compromised by forehead perspiration, hair, makeup and head coverings not found on wrist measurements


Accuracy depends on perspiration, makeup, hair and positioning distance


Head covering

Head covering would need to be removed

Human intervention

Human intervention required

No data outputs

No data outputs for provable future compliance defense

auxiliary devices

No data outputs for auxiliary devices

FeverWarn - Infrared Fist Artery Thermal Scanner


FeverWarn Infrared Fist Artery Thermal Scanner

FeverWarn uses the same infrared sensors as other thermal scanners, but has been specifically designed for fist/wrist artery temperature scanning, which is not subject to high perspiration, significant hair, head coverings or make-up. Not for outside.


Manufactured in the USA

Manufactured in the USA

Consistent accuracy

Consistent accuracy not compromised by forehead perspiration, make-up, hair and head coverings

Sensor location

Sensor location is not compromised by UV sunlight

cloud data storage

Offers either local or cloud data storage to preserve compliance with monitoring guidelines

No additional intervention

No additional intervention or supervision required as with handheld temperature guns

Offers output signals

Offers output signals for doors and gates as well as integration with employee card systems

Convenient stands

Convenient stands and shrouds available to assist installation

Camera Based - AI Temperature Screening System


Camera Based Thermal Scanner

Thermal scanning cameras, while accurate, are expensive, and in some cases where facial recognition is used can cause privacy concerns. Not for outside.


No human intervention

No human intervention required

data outputs

Some models provide data outputs for future compliance defense

auxiliary devices

Some models provide data outputs for auxiliary devices

infrared sensor

Most use similar infrared sensor principle as FeverWarn


Accuracy depends on exposure to UV sunlight, makeup, facial coverings and distance and resolution of camera

high resolution camera

Not recommended for crowd scanning unless very high resolution camera, should primarily be used for individual scanning as with FeverWarn.


separately sold computer interface not included

Typically require separately sold computer interface not included

Privacy concerns

Privacy concerns

FeverWarn Thermal Scanner Models

Which FeverWarn is right for me?

MODEL FW-150 FW-250
Enclosure FW-130 - LED Go/NoGo FW-230 - LED Go/NoGo
Color screen (displays temperature in large or small digits,
flashes red or green or a privacy setting allows for no onscreen display)
FW-130 - Mobile app to calibrate and view last 24 hours of data FW-230 - Mobile app to calibrate and view last 24 hours of data
Built-in sound and amplifier (default buzzer) FW-130 - Visitor waiver form for visiting guest FW-230 - Visitor waiver form for visiting guest
Mobile app FW-130 - Local storage (20M scans) FW-230 - Local storage (20M scans)
Infrared temperature sensor FW-130 - Field thermal scanner calibration FW-230 - Field thermal scanner calibration
Built-in proximity sensor mounted next to infrared sensor FW-130 - External calibrator FW-230 - External calibrator
Tethering connection FW-130 - Optional stands FW-230 - Optional stands
Go or no-go screen flashing FW-130 - Update via mobile app FW-230 - Update via mobile app
Mobile app to view data FW-130 - USB outputs FW-230 - USB outputs
Stand option (FW-FS-250) – $299 FW-130 - Auxiliary USB outputs for gate/door FW-230 - Auxiliary USB outputs for gate/door
Wall-mount/desktop stand option (FW-WDM-250) – $199 FW-130 - Voice announcement FW-230 - Voice announcement
Wireless connection (dongle on FW-250) FW-230 - Manage multiple locations/gate FW-230 - Manage multiple locations/gate
Auxiliary USB output for doors, card readers, RFID, etc. FW-230 - Two-years of cloud data FW-230 - Two-years of cloud data
iOS Bluetooth FW-230 - WiFi Dongle FW-230 - WiFi Dongle
Manage/view/deploy multiple FeverWarn devices via cloud FW-230 - Email/text alerts
Email/text alerts FW-230 - Automatic update of software
Automatic software update FW-230 - Rest API to pull cloud data
Two years of cloud data (Microsoft Azure) FW-230 - Rest API to pull cloud data
Data storage 10,000 scans onboard (downloadable) Azure or private





NOTE: FeverWarn as with most infrared devices is not sold as a medical device, but is intended as initial screening for secondary clinical confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is FeverWarn?

  • A.FeverWarn is an IoT-based, skin temperature scanning system from MachineSense. The current models scan skin temperatures at entrances to act as your virtual screening tool without the need for personnel to hold IR scanning devices and compromise social distancing rules. The data is then captured and can be integrated into any third-party IT system.

Q. What does the FeverWarn system include?

Wrist Temperature Scanner With Stand
  • A. The system includes a bracket for the easy mounting of one infrared, touchless temperature sensor to be installed in either a fixture or entryways so that infrared radiations from a human body can be measured for elevated temperatures. The sensor measures the surface temperature by detecting infrared radiation energy and wavelength distribution. The IR temperature probe consists of an optical system, photoelectric detector, amplifier, signal processing, and output module. The optical system collects the infrared radiation in its field of view, and the infrared radiation energy is converted into corresponding electrical signals when converging on the photoelectric detector. It operates from 3.3 to 5 VDC. Data is sent to a data hub via BLE/I2C at a rate of up to 1000 samples/sec.
  • Data hub/Intelligence IoT Edge Module. This device reads all the signals from the sensor, calibrates the reading, and signals whether a high-temperature reading is detected. The screen indicates that result. The alarm can be integrated with an automated-door system via a relay. The module can also be connected to a cloud application where the user can see all the statistics recorded over the past three months.
  • The screen flashes green (GO) or red (NO-GO) from the temperature reading. A buzzer/alarm or a customized message via speaker can provide instructions for further processing
  • CrystalBall Software Platform. Each company can register their company name and product serial numbers in the MachineSense CrystalBall software platform. Each scanned entrant is recorded with a time stamp. This access is included free of charge on all software included models for one year. After one year, it can be renewed at $10/month or $100/year. (Software access is not available on all models.)

Q. What are the power requirements?

  • A. 110/220V, 60Hz AC power supply will power FeverWarn.

Q. Can I integrate FeverWarn to automated doors and gate systems?

  • A. Yes. Feverwarn’s Edge module offers a relay signal to integrate with automatic openings. Feverwarn sends an ON/OFF relay based on a go/no go temperature via USB. A customer can purchase an appropriate USB relay converter for their relay system to automate door operation.

Q. How does FeverWarn differ from other thermal scanners?

  • A. FeverWarn is a patent-pending system developed by an IoT company MachineSense, LLC. and its partner Novatec, Inc., a US manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience in industrial equipment. The following are the unique features of FeverWarn when compared to other products.
  1. It is easy to install at doorways, entrances, and employee check-in systems, etc.
  2. It can be integrated with automated doors via USB output and is offered with Modbus and UART
  3. Alarm and statistics can be sent to the cloud. Deployers can receive alerts with a timestamp via SMS text messages or emails.
  4. Alarms and other statistics are available over REST API to integrate with any existing ERP systems.
  5. For large scale deployments, it offers an auto-calibration system for easy maintenance.
  6. It is calibrated using the human body to maintain calibration easily.

Q. What are the typical applications?

  • A.FeverWarn’s initial products are designed especially for doorways at building entrances. FeverWarn assures employees and customers of an efficient scranning process without violating social distancing standards. Custom configurations for other applications can be discussed with our engineering group.

Q. How do you calibrate FeverWarn?

  • A. Each sensor is factory calibrated. If field calibration is required, customers can conduct their calibration by manual or automatic calibration process using the “MachineSense IoT Support” mobile app. In manual calibration mode, the human body temperature must be taken as a reference. In auto-calibration mode, the reference temperature will be taken from the calibrator by the device automatically. The calibration certificate will be readable from the web/mobile app. For bulk installation and operation, customers can purchase an auto-calibrator for automatic calibration of the system.

Q. What are the disadvantages of handheld forehead scanning?

  • A. Handheld forehead scans can be compromised by forehead perspiration, hair, makeup, and head coverings. These known issues are not associated with fist/wrist scanning.

    Also, human intervention is required for forehead scanning eliminating the opportunity to maintain proper social distancing.

    No automatic data outputs are available for provable compliance and defense, if needed. No data outputs are available to connect with auxiliary devices for automatic opening of doors, gates, or integration with employee card systems.

Q. What are the disadvantages of thermal imaging?

  • A. Non-contact thermal imaging has several restrictions. Although skin temperature is a good indicator of a core body temperature, scanning skin temperature automatically can be difficult. The reliability of scanning the skin temperature depends on factors such as the use of makeup, skin color, sweating, exposure to ambient temperature, etc. Depending on those factors, error margins can be increased. That’s why the FDA recommends that if an elevated temperature is detected, a proper contact thermometer should be used to confirm a fever.

Q.Why is the fist used for temperature?

  • A. Fever is a rise in core body temperature. Blood vessels carry the temperature to the skin. That’s why the skin on top of the arteries is the best location for scanning a non-contact temperature. The fist has several arteries under the skin surface

Q. How does the fist correlate to the forehead scanning?

  • A. Fist and forehead temperatures go up and down with respect to body temperature exactly in the same way. If the fist temperature is known, the core body temperature can be predicted in the same way as the forehead.

Q. What are the advantages of FeverWarn cloud storage vs. local storage?

  • A. Cloud storage offers significant advantages over local storage systems, including:
  1. If you have multiple scanning systems in numerous locations, all the data will be stored and viewed in a single app. This provides easy access to a centralized system.
  2. Email/SMS texts will be sent to designated persons as soon as an elevated temperature is detected.
  3. Software features will be automatically updated.
  4. Data can be seen anywhere, anytime, as opposed to a mobile app where data can only be seen when close to the device.

Q. Where is FeverWarn manufactured?

  • A. Baltimore, Maryland – USA

Q. Which cloud service is used with FeverWarn?

  • A. FeverWarn is built on the Microsoft® Azure Cloud platform. The servers are in Virginia, USA.

Q. Why is it important to buy from a US Manufacturer?

  • A. The market has been flooded with thermal camera systems often sold through US distributors posing as manufacturers. However, most are made by one company in China, all of which are making unsupported claims involving being able to scan multiple objects, scan individuals with hats and glasses, and scan outdoors. A complaint was filed with the Security Industry Association with the FDA, and articles have been written in the Wall Street Journal and Wire Magazines of schools and other institutions being victimized by these vendors. In some cases, devices from China are also using electronic components that have been banned by the US government.

    FeverWarn is part of MachineSense, LLC. and an extension of Novatec, Inc. The device is manufactured in the US and meets all the criteria established by the Security Industry Association and is FDA compliant in its performance.

Q. Can it be used outside?

  • A. Due to sunlight and ambient temperatures, any infrared scanning system is not for outdoor use. These devices should always be used in an inside vestibule or entrance where the temperature is controlled.

Q. What happens in cold weather?

  • A. Since skin temperature can be affected by wind chill and there is no way of knowing how long somebody was outside or the level of exposure, any cold weather (below 60°F) will make most infrared devices ineffective. In this situation, FeverWarn models 150 and 250 with a longer snout can scan parts of the body that are not exposed to wind chill. Individuals can roll up their sleeves and quickly scan their forearms or their wrist’s underside in colder temperatures.
Automated Body Temperature Scanner
Automated Thermal Temperature Screening

For colder weather, the best way to scan is to place protected skin area under the scanner. Simply push up the sleeve on your jacket or sweater and present those unexposed skin areas for best results.

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