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MachineSense is a disruptive technology company with strong roots in the machinery and manufacturing sector. Our affordable technology is focused on predictive maintenance and analytics for industrial machinery, components and infrastructure systems including pumps, compressors and electrical supply.

MachineSense uses flexible deployment models, proven diagnostic instruments, sophisticated software, and unmatched analytical expertise to deliver sustainable, scalable, and cost-effective condition-based maintenance and monitoring programs. The company’s offerings enable customers to implement comprehensive predictive maintenance and monitoring programs that ensure asset availability, maximize productivity, and reduce total maintenance expenditure.

24x7 Machine Health Monitoring

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Energy Saving & Optimization

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Product Quality Control Utilizing Industry 4.0

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Productivity Analysis

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Public Safety Monitoring

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Industrial Safety Monitoring

The need for safety should come paramount, and the need to monitor hazardous environments can be done by monitoring temperatures of enclosed areas, or monitoring structural changes using vibrational analysis to make sure critical components are stable.

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Retrofittable Machine Wearables for Monitoring, Analyzing and Predicting Electrical and Component Performance

Machine Sense allows you to monitor and analyze electrical component performance, helping to reduce costly repairs and downtime.

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