Vibration Signature Technology

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Vibration analysis is one of the most common methods of assessing the health of the rotational components of machines. Looking at the harmonics and its features, one can easily predict or determine issues in a bearing, in a blower, or a broken tooth in gearboxes.  These are very well known and well-proven techniques and there is a robust library of such “defects vs harmonics signature”.

MachineSense is extending historic vibration analysis using our proprietary SignaGuardTM Vibration Technology to a much wider window by incorporating both time domain and frequency domain signatures.

Just consider these two problems which can be solved by the vibration signature analysis in the time domain but cannot be a part of the regular rotational analysis.

Vibration Signature Technology

Case-1:  Fitting of the machine components like a conveyer belt to a pulley or fitting of windows, doors, etc.  Each of these things creates a signature in vibration which is created due to impulse. These features are not the same as traditional harmonic analysis for rotor issues.  One needs an entirely new suite of features like higher-order moments extracted in the time domain.  Different “things” have different signatures that last only 100-200 microseconds. To get that exact signature and at the exact moment and scale is always a difficult task. That’s exactly what SignaGuard Vibration Signature Platform can do very easily to make your “things” smart.

Case-2: Safety of containers in container ships, trains and trucks is a huge problem in the transportation industry. As containers are transported, they are subjected to different levels of shocks, some of which can be dangerous to the goods inside it. Capturing those shocks from the vibrations, yields very interesting insight into the safety of the transportation mechanism. These data are useful to the insurance industry since most of the goods are insured.  The signature that one needs to extract from the shocks is not part of the traditional vibrational analysis. Only the SignaGuard platform can offer to solve this kind of problem.

However, even for rotational machines, traditional harmonic-based techniques for health monitoring are inadequate for 24×7 tracking instead of service-based monitoring. In service mode, the investigator has the liberty to operate the machine at constant RPM for a duration he/she wants. In 24×7 mode, the rotor will operate with a duty cycle and the vibration algorithms have to track the duty cycle automatically before applying any known algorithm. Such intelligent segmentation of data is critical to any 24×7 vibrational monitoring which is readily available with MachineSense Edge.

MachineSense using the exclusive SignaGuard Vibration Technology & Analytics has developed Vibration Analyzer which can be attached to various components and applications to monitor and record rotational machinery components for analysis using specialized libraries.

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