Power Quality & Downtime Avoidance


Poor power quality has become one of the most serious undiagnosed issues in industrial facilities--and one of the most untapped areas of cost reduction and economic advantage.  

Power Quality & Downtime Avoidance

As an example, the US plastics industry loses $9.6 billion every year because of poor power quality and utilization.  Plus industry studies have shown that up to 80% of this loss is preventable and curable. This poor power quality and utilization are common in many factories, ultimately causing machinery and component failure as well as the loss of production while these conditions are being repaired or replaced. 

The first step to addressing and preventing these issues is diagnosing the root cause of these issues which can be easily done using MachineSense Power Analyzers.  

What are the symptoms of poor power quality?   

Motor Burnout & Downtime: 

The windings inside an inductive motor degrade over time.  Much of the degradation is caused by poor power quality.  The winding insulation burns off and ultimately causes shorts, reducing motor output and increasing internal heat until it fails.  All this is NOT a motor warranty issue, but instead is the fault of poor power quality which can be diagnosed and prevented. 

Watch our video below to understand how power quality issues can be addressed by the use of MachineSense Power Quality Analyzers

Ruined Control Displays, Memory Loss & Downtime: 

PLCs and microprocessors control most equipment.  These devices are ultra-sensitive to power fluctuations which can lead to excessive current and heat or program loss.  Very little of this is the fault of the controller itself, but instead is the result of poor power quality inside the facility which can be diagnosed and then prevented.

Transformers Failing

Transformers Failing & Downtime:

Just the same as motor windings, transformer internals decay over time and fail because of power fluctuation.  This is rarely the fault of the transformer itself, but is the fault of poor power quality which can be diagnosed and prevented. 

What Can Be Done?

Less than 20% of the factories address poor power quality and utilization issues.  Most continue the insanity of replacing motors, controllers, transformers and capacitors at high ongoing cost without diagnosing the root cause and fixing the problem.  

All that changes with the MachineSense Power Analyzer--the ultimate diagnostics tool that can help you diagnose all of these problems and end the insanity of constant replacement of motors, capacitors, transformers and more and lead to a more smoothly running facility.  


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