Dr. Biplab Pal, Ph.D.

President, COO & Co-Founder, MachineSense, LLC


Biplab co-founded MachineSense, LLC and assumed the role of Chief Technology Officer in September of 2014. Biplab became President & COO of MachineSense in December 2018.

He leads a multi-disciplinary in-house engineering team in the development of MachineSense’s IoT technology. The development has led to 14 US and international patent applications in Industrial IoT.

Throughout his career, Biplab has worked extensively in the R&D of sensor and sensor networking for process engineering and telecommunication. Before co-founding MachineSense, Biplab started a R&D company in 2012, Zreyas Technology, Inc. which produced wireless connected sensors for emerging IoT areas. There he led the development of a fault monitoring earth/ground system for cell towers, IoT based farming automation using an extended Zigbee system, a Bluetooth-based bio-authenticated security system for community locking as well as a IR/UV-based fraud detection system.