Temperature Scanning System FeverWarn Launches Cloud Master Hub

Temperature Scanning System FeverWarn Launches Cloud Master Hub

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The popular thermal scanning and temperature scanning system FeverWarn announced the launch of its own private cloud device.

The pioneering fist-based temperature scanning system FeverWarn has become a popular mass fever screening tool for hospitals, schools, nursing homes and factories all across USA. Based on customer feedback, MachineSense, the parent company, has now announced the launch of a cost-effective, on-premise, mini cloud that will support both Feverwarn and other IoT deployments.

“Many of our larger customers find it difficult to get past their IT policy of not connecting to external cloud like AWS or Microsoft Azure. This mini cloud or master hub based architecture will allow them to benefit from FeverWarn’s cloud features without bothering for IT policy waivers ,” said Conrad Bessemer, Co-Founder and Chairman of MachineSense, the manufacturer of FeverWarn. “This architecture is less expensive as well since it eliminates cloud subscription costs. Overall, it will make life easier for FeverWarn’s enterprise customers, especially hospitals and schools,” added Bessemer.

The Master Data Hub developed by Feverwarn, is a device that serves as a local computing cloud. It is a computing device with an API that performs machine learning, aggregates, displays, routes, and transmits data based on the architecture selected. Details on the product is available here.

“Larger customers of FeverWarn such as hospitals face the challenge of managing a network of multiple FeverWarns in one facility. The Master Hub allows such customers to manage these multiple units from a single, dedicated, private cloud that has several advantages,” said Dr. Biplab Pal, Co-Founder and CTO of MachineSense. “The user also gets a webpage-like interface on mobile and desktop devices that makes it easier to read and interpret results throughout the facility,” added Dr. John Horn, VP of Software Engineering at MachineSense.

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