FeverWarn Body Temperature Scanning Delivers Waiver Integration for Turnkey Workplace and Public Health Safety Solution

FeverWarn Body Temperature Scanning Delivers Waiver Integration for Turnkey Workplace and Public Health Safety Solution

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Waiver app integrates with automated temperature scanners for fast and cost-effective deployment of fever screening safety plans.

FeverWarn™ by MachineSense®, the only self-service temperature scanning product that accurately calculates body temperature to detect fevers, now offers a waiver form app that makes screening travelers, guests, staff, customers and any group of people quick and easy. As communities move towards reopening, it's now commonplace to require people to complete a form asking for information related to travel, symptoms and exposure over the past 14 days. While some entities have tried expensive and slow kiosks or, even worse, physical paper forms, FeverWarn is now offering an inexpensive and fast alternative that securely captures needed data without requiring additional hardware or software to operate.

FeverWarn's visitor waiver app integrates with its industry leading fever scanners to help users digitally authorize and submit waiver forms from their individual mobile devices, ensuring little to no physical contact with security personnel. Each submitted form has a unique ID that is connected to a person's temperature scan. Upon form submission, the person receives a unique QR or barcode stored in the app that they easily scan with the FeverWarn reader to get their temperature scanned. The device associates the scanned code with the person's temperature and stores it for compliance and risk management reporting.

The end-to-end FeverWarn solution can network with all other scanners deployed by an organization and store the data either on-site or via a local enterprise level secure cloud. The result is faster processing while avoiding connectivity issues that can create a headache and lead to safety protocols being ignored.

"While every organization wants to keep its community safe and secure, many can't afford the $100,000 or more for a fever scanning and waiver tracking system," says Dr. Biplab Pal, co-founder and CTO of MachineSense. "Even worse, most of the kiosk systems don't meet expectations and the manual effort of using paper systems creates safety and bottlenecking issues. Our solution is just a fraction of the cost while delivering an unbeatable user experience and is almost effortless to deploy."

Customers like Open Solutions for Health (OS4H), a health information technology solutions company located in the Commonwealth of Dominica, have turned to FeverWarn to help businesses meet compliance protocols in deploying a case management information system for safely reopening. The Commonwealth of Dominica depends on tourism and needed a cost-effective solution to keep residents and tourists safe by preventing the spread of viruses. FeverWarn and its visitor waiver app offer a solution that works with modest budgets by delivering the necessary functionality and data tracking while eliminating the need for expensive system integrators and big IT systems.

"We set out to find a solution that was automated, interoperable, affordable and sustainable. After weeks of research and comparative analyses, FeverWarn was the only solution that met our criteria," said Peter Ricketts, CEO of OS4H. "We were immediately amazed by their ease-of-use, speed and accuracy and we've been successful in preventing entry of persons with fevers into closed spaces, keeping staff protected. Fever screening is now part of our daily lives and the FeverWarn units make that process simple, seamless and non-invasive."

FeverWarn's scanner and waiver integrations have been deployed across the globe to help small countries dependent on tourism, professional sports leagues with stadiums hosting fans, hospital and medical buildings with patients and visitors, and offices and job sites with a rush of entrants at scheduled times.

The company's temperature scanners calculate internal body temperature using OPX technology, which combines and processes data from a trio of sensors through an AI-based algorithm. This higher degree of accuracy helps vigilant workplaces and public spaces strengthen their defense against virus transmission to protect employees, visitors, students, customers, worshippers and patients. FeverWarn products work in a wide variety of environments, ensuring accurate readings and compliance in almost any use case.

Among FeverWarn's customers are some of the country's largest hospitals and healthcare providers, corporate campuses, educators, retail and restaurant brands, entertainment venues, professional sports leagues and dozens of additional applications. With FeverWarn, the screening process is automated, fast and accurate while providing integrations and data management that help organizations maintain health safety within their space. FeverWarn devices are twice as fast as handheld scanners, streamlining the flow of people without sacrificing safety.