Effects of the COVID-19 Preventive Measures on Our Overall Health and the Importance of Thermal Scanners

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COVID-19 has affected our lives hugely. The most dangerous consequence is the public health crisis. This leads to various other humanitarian and economic disasters. Now we have cleaner waterways, clearer skies, reduced pollution, and lots of oxygen. Overall, it is like an environment detox. The preventive measures ensure lesser health risks and overall, a better quality of life.

Effect of COVID-19 Preventive Measures on Flu

Every year, many people die because of various reasons. Now, when we hear about the deaths of people because of the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, we don’t realize that this is nothing different compared to the average number of deaths per year. In fact, we would say people are dying less because of the extreme protective measures.

Earlier, few people used masks or applied sanitizers. But nowadays, using preventive measures is compulsory, and because of it, people are getting benefitted hugely. The number of people suffering from hygiene-related diseases has reduced drastically. The current death rate of the world, as of 2021, is 7.645. Some 10 years back, in 2011, the death rate was 7.818. We didn’t even realize that we were already losing so many people every year, because it wasn’t on the news. Because of the ongoing pandemic and its generated fear, we get the news of every single person dying, and that makes it sound so scary and deadly.

During flu seasons, many people die. In the USA, around 30,000 to 60,000 people die every year because of the flu. The number got decreased this year. This is because people have become much more health-conscious and hygiene conscious. If we have flu, we can spread it up to six feet of the radius. When infected people sneeze or cough nearby, we may come into contact with the droplets and get infected too. Even if we touch an object or a surface, having a flu virus on it, and then accidentally touch our eyes, nose, or mouth, we are going to get infected. The coronavirus spreads similarly, too.

Now, we use masks so the droplets can neither enter nor leave our bodies. We sanitize our hands every time after touching something, so it eliminates that risk too. Overall, the number of people dying, but also the number of people suffering from flu has fallen drastically. 

Importance of Thermal Scanners in Public Places 

Thermal scanners can detect even the slightest of body temperature changes. That is why it is preferred globally to keep a check on potential risks that individuals pose. This ensures others’ safety and informs the infected person about their health. So, it is not only beneficial for other people but also the infected person. 

Thermal Scanners in Schools

Schools all over the world have an enormous responsibility towards the health of their students and staff. That is why they are laying a huge emphasis on preventive measures. Outbreaks are likely to happen on school campuses because of the presence of so many people within a confined space. But a thermal scanner can help to prevent it to some extent.

If we place a thermal scanner in school entrances, then it can help to identify which students have abnormally high temperatures. After that, they need to be asked if they have any other symptoms of COVID-19 as well. It also provides a sense of security to other staff, students, and guardians that the school takes their health seriously and that they are at a safe place. This is the reason for which schools all over the world are installing thermal scanner cameras on their premises, especially in the entrances. 

Thermal Scanners in Office Blocks

The lockdown has had an immense detrimental impact on the global economy. Poverty is everywhere and corporates are facing huge losses. Because nobody could go to work in this lockdown, many people lost their jobs too. Some are working from home and some are just unemployed. Because of this fall of the economy, the government opened the offices.

So, maintaining strict preventive measures in the workplaces is mandatory now. Thermal scanners are the best for providing that extra safety, we all desire. If thermal scanners are installed in workplaces, the chances of an outbreak automatically decrease. This also ensures that the employees come to work every day without worrying about getting infected.

If a person shows a high temperature, they must stop him or her from entering the office building, thus ensuring others’ safety and informing that individual about his current health situation. People, only with normal body temperatures, go inside the building and work in a safe and happy environment. Therefore, every office building across the globe must have thermal scanners for ensuring smooth working. 

Thermal Scanners in Retail Stores

Retail stores are always filled with people, and that is why there are huge chances of an outbreak. Thermal scanners are a must here too. This helps to know which customer or staff is having high body temperature and is likely to infect others. He or she can be then prohibited from entering the store, thus ensuring others’ safety and welfare.

Thermal Scanners in Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are the most crowded places among everything else. That is why the chances of an outbreak at a shopping mall are ridiculously high. This makes it even more important to maintain proper safety protocols while we are at a shopping mall. We can get infected any minute by either coming is in contact with droplets from infected people or by touching something touched by an infected person.

That is why we must always use hand sanitizers and face masks. But to give that extra sense of safety, thermal scanners must be installed too. This ensures that nobody, having a high temperature, enters the building.

Thermal Scanners in Airports

The airport is the place with the highest chances of an outbreak. This is because, in airports, we have people from all over the world. We don’t know where are they coming from or who they met before taking a flight. People are flying in and out of countries every minute, and we never know who is carrying the virus. That is why thermal scanners are used to check the temperatures of all the arriving passengers to ensure that they don’t bring the virus into contact with other healthy people. 

Why FeverWarn is the Best Thermal Scanner in the Market?

It is the best because of its unique features and characteristics. It has a practical approach and is comparatively safer to use. Some of the unique features that make it best in the market are:

  • It checks temperature from the wrist of our hand or our fist. Studies have shown that our fist or wrist are the most ideal places to have our temperatures checked. This is because both in our wrist and fist, the arteries are located very close to the skin surface. So, if there is any change in our body temperature, it is likely to display accurate results.
  • Another important feature that makes it stand out among the other scanners is that it doesn’t involve another individual. We can check our temperatures ourselves, without having to worry about exposing ourselves to other individuals. Normally, the other scanners are operated by others. They hold it in front of our forehead to measure our temperature. But not for FeverWarn. In this, we can place our wrist below the sensor and have our temperatures measured. This ensures utmost safety because we are not exposing ourselves in front of any other person. 
  • The makeup we wear, the face shields we use, the hats we wear, and even the sweat we have on our foreheads, don’t allow the other scanners to give us accurate temperature readings. These are some obstructions that influence the scanner into showing incorrect results. None of these are a matter of concern for measuring temperature from our wrists. This is because we neither wear makeup there nor any shield. Our wrists sweat less compared to our foreheads. 
  • Another important factor is the outside temperature. The temperature of our forehead often gets influenced by the temperature outside. So, if the temperature is chilly, our foreheads may be relatively cooler than the rest of our bodies, because it is always exposed. Our wrists always stay covered in winters. So, there is no chance of our wrist temperatures getting influenced by the weather. We can just simply pull down our clothing and have our temperatures measure. This is more likely to give us accurate reading, even in chilly weather compared to other scanners. 

The most important thing that we should always keep in mind that having thermal scanners is not the only thing we should rely on. Just because we got ourselves checked with a thermal scanner before entering someplace, we can’t just roam around without following the other safety norms. We can’t walk around without following social distance and without wearing masks. These are the basic safety measures that we should always keep in mind. Having thermal scanners just adds an extra layer of prevention and ensures higher safety.