Storing Sensitive Data Results on Your Private Server and Managing Multiple FeverWarns

Many FeverWarn users store their anonymous temperature scanning information directly in the FeverWarn (MachineSense) cloud, which is managed by Microsoft Azure. However, in situations where information is gathered with personnel or guest data, storage on the cloud is not desired by many users. Instead, the data is held locally by the employer or hotel, etc. This can be easily accomplished using a private, local server and/or by using the FeverWarn (MachineSense) master data hub.

The master data hub is a device that serves as a local computing cloud with an API that performs machine learning, aggregates, displays, routes, and transmits data. Operational modes include on-premise master and hybrid cloud master. This device can also manage multiple FeverWarn devices where an operation has numerous installations and wants to address them within a networked setting.

FeverWarn Integration-QR Code Onsite Only with Master Data Hub