The Rise of Fist Based Mass Temperature Scanner During COVID-19: Learn What, When, How.

The Rise of Fist Based Mass Temperature Scanner During COVID-19: Learn What, When, How.

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Due to the increase in coronavirus count, people are advised to maintain social distance, wear masks to prevent the spread of the virus that affects those with medical conditions and weaken their immune systems, leading ultimately to severe health issues. 

While the guidelines are to ensure an individual’s safety and it may be enough to slow down the spread, there has to be a way to detect the already affected and eliminate the threat, 

That’s how the fist thermal scanners come into play!

What are the fist temperature scanners? 

Fist temperature scanners are a kind of device that can read an individual’s body temperature and determine if the person has a high body temperature using infrared sensing.

Unlike other types of thermal sensors, the fist scanner is quite different. It is used on the fist to closely and carefully test the person’s body temperature and match the same with the existing data.

Using such scanners, security personnel can easily determine whether a person should be allowed near a place to avoid the risk of affecting others and spread the infection.

How does it work?

The surface of the hand, due to the exposed flow of arteries, can easily and steadily respond to body temperature, and that can be detected using the thermal scanners. The very closeness of these arteries and the skin walls make it the right spot for scanning and evaluation. 

Why fist scanners are more accurate than others?

Unlike other parts of the body, the wrist and fist are excellent areas to scan and detect body temperature.

Guess why? 

  • Perspiration

      - Unlike head and face, our hands don’t perspire as much, which often interferes with the scanning. Since the body is constantly in a need of oxygen, it is not possible to stop perspiration. Hence, using hands as a spot to scan is ideal. 
  • Reduced hair

    - Yes, many are not aware that our own hairs interfere in the scanning of our body temperature. Facial hair may obstruct the thermal scanning. Hence, hands are again an ideal spot since it has a very less hair density. 
  • Makeup

    - Makeup will interfere with the scanning that may affect the final temperature count. 
  • No cover

    - Due to various guidelines, we are highly required to cover ourselves to make sure we don’t get affected. Although only masks are mandatory as of now, many are taking additional steps by wearing helmets and other things that cover the head and face. This not only makes scanning difficult but also affects the ultimate results.

    On the other hand, wrists and fits may not be such heavily covered, which again makes it an ideal place.

  • Smooth and fast scanning  

    - Unlike other parts of the body, hands are probably the only parts that can be scanned without asking for additional help from a second person. Hence, further lowering the risk of exposure to the deadly virus.

Can it be used on a mass scale?

Yes! Mass temperature scanners were previously used by the Military, Aviation, and Firefighters around the world to work by detecting and recording the rise in temperature in a given location by detecting the heat or people’s body temperature. 

What makes it more ideal? 

  • Touchless and automated

    - Long gone are the days when personnel were mandatory to use scanners. Today, many mass thermal scanners are available that do not require an operator and can work automatically. 
  • Distanced scanning

    - Mass thermal scanners can detect the temperature of any person or crowd at a given range of many meters that gives it an upper hand by allowing early detection of a possible infection. 
  • Remote monitoring

    - It doesn’t require any human presence to operate the mass thermal scanners and make it work. It is a plug-and-play kind of device that can work automatically once it is plugged and turned on.

    Once turned, personnel can remotely monitor the entire process from any location.

  • Instant alerts

    - In case an individual’s body temperature is higher than normal, the device has an instant feature to send quick alerts to the main system with all the required data and geotags. It can also be customized to trigger sound alerts at specific intervals.
  • Easy integration

    - Another advantage of these devices is that it can easily be integrated into most existing systems at gates and other entry points, making it both highly efficient and cost-effective for organizations to use.

    It can also be integrated into employee detection devices, which also automates the thermal scanning whenever an employee inserts his/her ID card or scans his/her fingerprint.

Is it working in the actual world?

According to various reports, it has not only enabled the government and various organizations to avoid the spread of the virus but also detect the already affected ones and send them for isolation.

Where is it mostly being used?

It is being widely used in the following places:

  • Airports

    - Some airports around the world are somewhat open to allowing a limited number of passengers to travel at only certain locations. To avoid being closed again due to any unwanted spread, these mass thermal scanners are being used to detect and isolate individuals from the crowd. 
  • Shops and shopping malls

    -  Although most shops and shopping malls are still closed, some have started limited operations. These places have to ensure no such outbreaks happen again, and for the same, they are using this technology to be more efficient in detecting. 
  • Schools, colleges, and universities

    - Yes, these institutions are mainly closed at this moment. However, some operations have still to be carried out, and thus, to ensure the safety of the staff, these systems are used.
  • Manufacturing hubs

    - Amid the pandemic, many manufacturing hubs, the core of every industry, have opened to resume limited operations to ensure the smooth functioning of all the industries.

Thus, proper scanning is required every day to ensure zero breakouts in any facility.

Bottom line

Just as CCTV cameras, it seems like temperature scanners have also become more ubiquitous to the world. 

This pandemic has caught us rather unexpectedly and unprepared. At a time when the cases are rising daily, these mass thermal scanners are saving the day, at least for now, until the vaccination is ready to be deployed.