Microsoft Chooses MachineSense for ScaleUp Program

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Baltimore – April 25, 2018: Microsoft Corp. announced last week that it has chosen US-headquartered, AI-driven, machine sensor and power analyzer manufacturer, MachineSense, LLC.( to be part of its elite ScaleUp accelerator program.

MachineSense is one of only 12 startups picked for this round of the ScaleUp program, which Microsoft initiated in February. The initiative plans to invest more than $500 million in the next two years to help startups with go-to-market strategies, technology and community building.

“We are delighted at this important validation of our products and business model” said MachineSense co-founder Conrad Bessemer. “What attracted Microsoft to MachineSense is the ability to provide a complete solution. The sensors send data to the cloud, and MachineSense analytical software diagnoses the data and predicts failure chances of the equipment.” added Bessemer.

“By choosing to make us one of their global partners in IoT, Microsoft has demonstrated their confidence in MachineSense as a company that is both market and product ready, especially in the Industrial IoT segment”, said James Zinski, CEO of MachineSense, LLC.

MachineSense will be the first in the Azure Ecosystem to merge hardware, highly refined data statistics plus advanced first party analytics that can be applied to a range of devices right out of the box which makes MachineSense an attractive solution for Microsoft’s vertical sales teams. Microsoft has been pioneering advanced security systems for industrial devices and MachineSense will be the only predictive maintenance system to benefit from this platform to date—which will assure the highest level of data security and protection for industrial clients—not only backed by MachineSense, but also by Microsoft.

“MachineSense is the only company in its space which has the ability to run analytics fully, both at the edge and in the cloud”, said MachineSense co-founder & CTO, Dr. Biplab Pal. “Our ability to extract hundreds of features from sensor signals such as vibration and current, make us an attractive choice for Stream data which third parties can use to build extra features in predictive/condition based monitoring applications. It also makes us the best choice for third party integration in Factory 4.0”, added Dr. Pal.


About MachineSense, LLC.

Headquartered in Baltimore, USA, with company-owned R&D facilities in Kolkata, India, MachineSense has developed a patented industrial IoT system for predictive and prescriptive maintenance of machines, using electricity and vibration analytics. The company aims to build an IIoT platform for factory and building utilities that includes electricity, compressed air, water, HVAC, vacuum, etc. For more details, visit: .

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