MachineSense, LLC.® Named One of the Top 10 Global MLDS Startups by Microsoft®

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Baltimore, MD – December 4, 2018: Recognized by Microsoft as one of the top ten U.S. global startup companies in the machine learning and data science (MLDS) markets, MachineSense was selected to present at the Microsoft Fall 2018 Machine Learning and Data Science Conference at Microsoft’s headquarters in Seattle, WA on November 14.

 MachineSense co-founder and CTO Biplab Pal, PhD, gave the presentation along with ten other top-level executives from various MLDS startups.  Pal said, “Globally Microsoft is incubating many startups via various programs. Here (U.S.) they selected only the top 10 among them looking at their potential for success.” During the conference Pal discussed, “Science and Application of Vibration and Current Signature” in a TED Talk-like presentation. The talk can be seen on MachineSense’s YouTube Channel. (

 Machinesense was selected for the Microsoft Scale Up Program in April 2018 and since has been elevated to the Top 10 Global MLAD Startups to Watch Out For in 2018. Pal explained, “Machinesense extracts hundreds of signatures from vibration, currents, voltage, etc.  at the sensor’s edge and these selective artifacts form the basis of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) work in manufacturing, structural science and motion analysis. Thus, MachineSense’ s edge platform opens the flood gate of ML/AI works for predictive maintenance, fault diagnosis, energy optimization, machine utilization and different manufacturing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).”

 The company is cofounded by Conrad Bessemer, who is also MachineSense’s executive chairman and the CEO/Managing Partner of Novatec, Inc. in Baltimore.

About MachineSense, LLC.

Headquartered in Baltimore, USA, with company-owned R&D facilities in Kolkata, India, MachineSense has developed a patented industrial IoT system for predictive and prescriptive maintenance of machines, using electricity and vibration analytics. The company aims to build an IIoT platform for factory and building utilities that includes electricity, compressed air, water, HVAC, vacuum, etc. For more details, visit,