MachineSense Displays Power Analyzer Line At Siemens Automation Summit 2018

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Machinesense is displaying the Power Analyzer lines of product integrated and delivered via Siemens  Mindsphere  platform in  the Mindsphere booth at the Siemens Automation Summit 2018, currently being held at Marco Island, FL, from June 25 – 28, 2018.  This is an annual user conference for manufacturing professionals who use Siemens automation technologies. The show this year is being attended by 667 delegates from partners , sales , and user groups. 

MachineSense Displays Power Analyzer Line At Siemens Automation Summit 2018

The MachineSense line of Power Analyzers is an increasingly popular prescriptive maintenance tool for commercial building owners for whom harmonics, over-voltage and predictive maintenance issues like motor bearing failures, stator winding failures, and heater failures are a common problem. 

MachineSense and Siemens have recently partnered to deliver the Power Analyzer line of products via the Siemens Mindsphere platform as an integrated product and service.  “We are truly excited as this is one of the first offerings in Mindsphere of a complete power quality, predictive maintenance and machine KPI ( utilization) solution”, said James Zinski, CEO of MachineSense, LLC. 

“At the Mindsphere booth we are giving a demo of various power quality issues that are common in commercial buildings and how the MachineSense solution delivered over the Mindsphere platform is such an effective solution”,  said MachineSense co-founder and CTO, Dr. Biplab Pal.


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