How to Minimize Business Liability Using Fever Screening Devices

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Pandemic used to be a word only found in a dictionary until now. 2020 has shown us what a pandemic means and how it poses a great danger upon humankind.

As countries worldwide are lifting the lockdown, many enterprises are starting to think about how they can safely reopen workplaces while minimizing the risks. Several tech companies are trying to create Advanced Infrared Temperature Screening System or Fever Screening Devices based on the principles of AI and IoT, to mitigate the negative impact.

What is a Fever Screening Device?

Fever Screening Devices are advanced infrared technology-based mass fever screeners that measure body temperature to detect and screen potential infections in the body through safe, efficient, and non-intrusive ways to protect employees and visitors.

These devices detect the person's temperature instantly and give feedback via green or red light LED or via a message to the relevant authority alerting. It helps separate the infected person from the rest of the employees, thus keeping the risk of spreading infections low.

How it Can Reduce the Risk of Infection

Eliminate Contact

The most significant advantage of using a fever screening device is that, after installation, it operates quickly, efficiently and automatically. Each person has to hold their fist close to the device, and the device automatically screens high temperatures and provides various notification options so organizations can decide how to respond to positive detections.

Instant Alert

After detecting high temperature, fever screening devices alert the authority instantly. It gives the employer enough time to take precautions and helps to evacuate the affected person safely to the healthcare center.  Also, high-temperature notifications help reduce the risk of possible spread of infection and instill confidence in the workforce and customers.

Screen Multiple People Simultaneously

Fever Detection Systems can be installed in multiple locations, and it can scan many people at the same time. These easy-to-install systems with configurable options can be mounted on most entrances. It even integrates with the existing automated door security systems. Furthermore, these devices are connected with AI-based cloud software which helps manage multiple scanners at multiple locations simultaneously.

How It Can Help Reduce Business Liability

After the rapid spread of coronavirus globally, companies are now opening up with the restrictions of new normal in place. But their first and foremost focus should be on employee safety.

As many companies are starting to reopen, authorities are worrying that they’ll see an uptick in lawsuits by workers and consumers, who will blame the employers for exposing them to the coronavirus.

Employers are well aware of this problem and are taking practical steps to protect their employees, maintain productivity and avoid lawsuits. One of the preventive measures that companies are taking is to install fever screening devices at the entrance of the office. These screening devices will not only help screen and monitor potential infection, but it will also help the businesses reduce liabilities.

Building Awareness

Installing fever screening devices helps to build awareness about the prevention of the coronavirus disease. When it becomes a routine for the companies, the employees' ongoing communication will create awareness and confidence around the company that the business is taking measures to secure the health of the employees and other stakeholders.

Encourage Sick Employees to Stay at Home

According to the CDC guideline, an employer should actively encourage employees to stay home if they are sick or have been exposed to someone who is ill. Also, they should self-quarantine until they do not show any symptoms of COVID-19. It is mentioned in the CDC guideline that employees who have symptoms of illnesses should be sent back home immediately after detection.

But in reality, some employees hide their symptoms in fear of getting judged by their colleagues or getting fired by the employer. Installing fever screening devices in the workplace helps to detect fever and a possible case of coronavirus infection in employees, and encourage them to stay at home.

Eliminate dependence of 3rd party organization

Before automatic fever screening devices, companies had to hire third-party screening services to test and screen employees. It was time-consuming, inefficient, and expensive. Also, there was a high risk of virus spreading because employees had to stand in a queue for an extended period.  With a mass fever screener, everything is automated, efficient, low cost, and a lot faster!

Wrapping Up

Although Coronavirus is rapidly expanding globally, workplaces have to re-open to sustain the economy. So, employers must have to take health and safety measures in the workplace, monitor information about the virus, and prepare for any emergencies.

Employee security must be the top priority and not only for safety reasons but to avoid business liabilities and lawsuits from the employees and customers. Moreover, Fever Screening Devices like FeverWarn can help companies alleviate the risk of infection and prevent liabilities from it.