How FeverWarn® Can Protect Your Workplace and Employees as You Return to Work

How FeverWarn® Can Protect Your Workplace and Employees as You Return to Work

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Our Infrared thermometer made in the USA provides an affordable, accurate and fast COVID Screening Solution

Accurate temperature readings:  A false negative screening test will put your organization and the health of your employees at instant risk. It can also expose you and your organization to liability and reputation damage. Based on a certified laboratory study, FeverWarn’s infrared thermometer for fever reading is very close (within the 0.5 range) to a clinical (ear, mouth, armpit) temperature reading. Therefore, our system will provide and aggregate screening data that you can stand behind.

Workplace-entry protection: In addition to providing a self-serve temperature check, our U.S.-manufactured, OPX technology temperature scanners can integrate with ID badge or RFID readers, electric and magnetic doors, gates, or QR readers. When these options are in place, no employee can enter your workplace without being screened. 

Speed and screening logistics: Employees can get an accurate, non-contact temperature reading of their core body temperature in as little as 1.5 seconds. This makes FeverWarn’s non-contact scanner ideal for screening large groups of employees, customers or visitors—or for screening employees who all start a work shift at the same time.  

Also, our COVID Waiver Form enables an employee to download our FeverWarn app (as recommended by the National Safety Council) for zero-contact, pre-work completion and submission of their self-assessment symptom reports.   

Reliable risk management data dashboards: In the event of a positive temperature screen, our devices can send a text or email alert to your designated risk management or workplace safety team. Also, FeverWarn provides accurate, HIPAA-compliant data sets and dashboards to enhance organizational reporting to directors and municipal or state health departments.  Your screening data may be stored via a cloud-based account, or you may opt to use our Master Data Hub to keep all data on your own network and behind your own firewall.   

Portable: Unlike traditional thermal scanners, FeverWarn’s OPX models can measure core body temperature in workplace environments whose ambient temperatures range from 40-104°.  The devices’ portability makes them ideal for all workplace entrance ways and ambient weather or room conditions, including newly ventilated offices, outdoor industrial sites and parking lots—even on hot summer or chilly winter days.

Affordable: Workplace FeverWarn systems start at $599, a fraction of the price of camera-based thermal scanners, and significantly less than training, equipping and paying an employee to provide health screens with a handheld thermometer. This also makes them suitable for workplaces with multiple sites. We also work with municipal or government or corporate procurement systems and FeverWarn is NDAA compliant and a GSA-approved vendor.


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