How FeverWarn, A US Made Temperature Scanner, Beats China-made Thermal Scanner?

How FeverWarn, A US Made Temperature Scanner, Beats China-made Thermal Scanner?

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Thermal scanning is the new checklist in 2020. As the raving pandemic propagates stealthily and keeps claiming lives, FeverWarn, A US Made Temperature Scanner makes sure that people entering or leaving a public space do not have a fever or the virus.

A self-service temperature scanner is the first shield that protects us from a person who is infected with a deadly contagious disease and runs a fever. These handy equipment have become so popular that authorities have placed them at the entrances of malls, parking areas, banks, schools, colleges, etc.

Many people wonder what had made FeverWarn so popular not only in the US but also in other parts of the globe. Despite having so many Chinese competitors, FeverWarn outcompetes them in quality of performance, reliability, and service.

Let us find out how.

Distinct Traits

If someone spots a stationary fever measurement machine by FeverWarn, they are sure to detect the key features of this thermal scanner that makes it stand out from the Chinese ones.

  • Complies with government standards and displays the accurate temperature.
  • contactless thermal scanning with automatic service options available.
  • generates a response that can elicit action on auxiliary doors or gates.
  • provides data compliance storage for security purposes.

Getting an accurate reading of body temperature from the FeverWarn thermal scanner is no big deal. One needs to go near a stationary temperature scanner, place his or her wrist under the probe and hold it there for a few seconds.

A screen will display the temperature reading with a green or red light signaling any hazardous health condition. The body temperature shows without any contact and contamination.

What Makes FeverWarn So Popular?

FeverWarn is one of the pioneer companies based in the US that manufactured devices that scan temperature from the wrist. Before that, most Chinese owned temperature detectors showed body temperature when used on the forehead.

With thermal scanning on the wrist, FeverWarn brought about a revolution. FeverWarn supported this change in method with a very logical and scientific explanation.

When we make a fist, our blood vessels look emphasized beneath our skin. We can distinctly see the arteries leading to the fingers.

But what relation does it have with accurate body temperature reading?

The proximity of these blood vessels to the layer of the skin ensures that the infrared rays do not have to travel very deep into the skin to display the right temperature. The depth, as well as the area of the wrist, are small and ideal for self-scanning.

With this brilliant alternative, FeverWarn started replacing most Chinese thermal scanners in stores as customers rely on nothing but accurate temperature reading.

Scientists at FeverWarn have laid down 5 fail-proof points to state why the temperature reading from the wrist beats the head.

  • The skin on the wrist perspires less than that of the forehead which conflicts with the thermal scanning.
  • Reduced hair on the wrist minimizes interference with readings.
  • The presence of makeup on forehead skin can lead to erroneous temperature detection.
  • Encroachment by hats, sunglasses, scarves, and masks do not alter readings.
  • Uncomplicated, automated, and electronically functional and poses no exposure to an infected individual.

Chinese temperature scanners came with these cons as people understood the futuristic and scientific approach of FeverWarn Thermal Scanners.

FeverWarn - A Choice for Enterprise Leads

When offices restarted after the pandemic, employees and their leadership came to a halt, wondering how to record their attendance. In fear of contamination, it was inadmissible to use the biometric fingerprint scanner to capture the attendance. FeverWarn has its solution for those individuals.

These thermal scanners have their outputs integrated with the doors, gates, and employee tracking monitors in an organization. FeverWarn USB Adapter supports a smartcard reader that can recognize an employee ID card.

It uses the cutting-edge technology of microservices to send notifications to all the monitoring devices connected to the network. While other temperature scanners only perform typical roles, the FeverWarn Temperature Scanner can record the ID details from the employee smart card mark an individual present in the office.

Isn't that the coolest thing to expect from a thermal scanner?

So Much Storage with A Temperature Scanner

Indeed, it is hard to believe that at its price package, FeverWarn thermal scanners come with enough storage to load user data. Curious to know how much storage is involved with this?

  • 100 Series:

    The basic scanner comes with a storage of 16GB and supports 20 million scans. Users can display the scanned info on their phone and create a CSV file for documentation purposes.
  • 200 Series:

    This series is integrated with Cloud. So, users can store the data locally or on the cloud through Microsoft Azure. This data is intact for up to 6 months of data. CSV reports are there for documentation purposes and microservices for notifications.
  • Local Cloud:

    Users have the liberty to keep the data either on personalized private cloud storage or to keep everything on-premise.

One rarely finds such software integration in the Chinese thermal scanners.

What Makes FeverWarn The Best?

With so many thermal scanners available today, with myriad options, it is difficult to zero in on the best thermal scanner. The key traits that consumers look for in an infrared scanner are - accuracy, reliability, simplicity, and safety. Only FeverWarn ensures that all four are there in its fist artery thermal scanner.

Scientists and technologists have worked tirelessly to craft this device that does not bow down with incorrect readings with high perspiration, significant hair, head coverings, etc. By acting on the wrist, it minimizes all such errors.

Lastly, this is the only device of its kind which does not require any human intervention. Nobody needs to stand carrying it in hand, or press a start or stop button. It is fully automatic and cuts down manual labor costs.

And sun damage? No way! It can stand defending the gates for long hours even in the sun and rain.


Latest technologies such as IoT and microservices are equipped with this thermal scanner to make it the best in its class. Globally, thousands of customers are now proud members of the FeverWarn family. Join us, and say goodbye to risks.