FeverWarn: What makes it the best and high accuracy mass temperature scanner in the market?

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The coronavirus outbreak has been tough on many, especially the businesses where they had to remain shut for months.

Very recently, schools, airports, manufacturing hubs, etc. have started to reopen their businesses amid the pandemic, to stop huge losses, ensuring proper precautions and safety measures.

No wonder why mass temperature scanners are the need of the hour. It is the only thing right now that can prevent any more sudden outbreaks.

However, ever since the last couple of months, hundreds of new sellers have flooded the market and begun selling thermographic systems that may or may not even work properly.

These include both cameras and kiosks that use infrared technology to scan bodies and detect high temperature (heat) from a given distance.

Many school administrators, managers of government office buildings, and various corporations have been purchasing these mass thermal scanners and installing at their building entrances.

However, unlike FeverWarn, many of such cheap devices aren’t capable of providing the accurate body temperature or record keeping.

This not only increases the risk of being exposed to coronavirus, and affect every person that comes into contact, there are certain things FeverWarn takes care of so that no one has to suffer.

Here's why you must install FeverWarn at your premise:

  • FDA Compliant: 

    Unlike various other scanners in the market that widely claims to have the FDA clearance, are just gimmicks. They neither have the clearance, nor they have sent their devices for testing.They are bluntly misleading the public into buying something that may not even function. FeverWarn, on the other side, is approved by the FDA!
  • High Accuracy (+/-0.9°F): 

    The reason why thermal scanners are purchased and installed is to detect the correct body temperature to ensure no affected person is allowed to enter a crowd. However, many of such thermal scanners in the market are not only less accurate but also showing absolutely wrong temperature, creating a mess! FeverWarn ensures razor-thin accuracy, making it one of the best thermal scanners to buy in the market that can absolutely guarantee proper safety for all its customers.
  • Self-servicing, remotely operated: 

    Many scanners need an operator beside the device to scan and detect temperature. This not only exposes the operator to potentially affected victims but also risks the other people, who are coming in contact with the operator. This itself defies the exact purpose of the mass scanners. FeverWarn is built, keeping these things in mind. Not only a person can monitor the moments from a remote distance but can also operate the devices to ensure smooth functionalities. One such advantage is that the operator can monitor multiple locations at the same time, that may not be previously possible. This also keeps other people from coming in contact with the operator, who may have been affected without her/his knowledge.
  • Data reporting: 

    Data is everything these days. However, some thermal scanners in the market may not be properly equipped to maintain a proper record of everything. It may only detect a body temperature and the very next moment, it may not even have a record of it. It not only makes it impossible to make future plans to keep the general public safe but also fails to inform the authority about the local situation. FeverWarn makes it easily possible to keep a record of everything so that business operations keep running smoothly and without any hassle.
  • Addition auxiliary outputs for integration: 

    Got more than one level of additional security? No problem! One more advantage of FeverWarn devices is that it can easily be integrated into already existing systems at gates and other entry points so that organizations don’t have to scratch their heads into buying tons of waste pieces of equipment. It can also be integrated into employee detection devices, which also automates the thermal scanning whenever an employee inserts his/her ID card or scans his/her fingerprint.
  • Designed, built and shipped in the USA: 

    Yes, the majority of the thermal scanners in the markets are often imported from China, which may not have quality parts, or it may have concerns about data security. A majority of these devices are often imported into the country in large numbers, relabeled and sold in the market, which makes it quite hard to detect and thus, are sold as American products, often without the knowledge of the customers. FeverWarn products are not only designed in the USA but also built and shipped. Thus, eliminating any concerns of data breach or quality issues within any product. These products are tested by the FDA in the USA and approved with the best ratings for use.
  • Reasonably priced: 

    Price is a big issue when buying a product. Mass thermal scanners are costly, and since there is already a tough competition in the market, many new sellers are importing cheap scanners from China, which are intentionally priced to undercut the existing players and steal customers. However, as it happens, often, these low costing devices do not work at all. At times, it doesn't show proper temperature and makes it impossible for the local authorities to detect whether a person is already affected.

Thus, engineers at FeverWarn did an incredible job by designing a product that is precisely accurate, and yet, reasonably priced so that everyone can afford it.

Bottom line

This pandemic is really tough but what makes it tougher is these fake devices that claim to be helping the situation. Instead, it just escalates it and makes it more difficult.

We, at FeverWarn, takes this pandemic very seriously and hence, have done everything to ensure our products are precisely accurate at all the times so that you remain safe.

That being said, those who are looking to purchase any such devices must check if it has approval from the FDA to make sure they are buying the right one.