FeverWarn Launches Breakthrough Technology To Solve The Problem Of Skin Temperature Versus Core Body Temperature in Infrared Thermometers

FeverWarn Launches Breakthrough Technology To Solve The Problem Of Skin Temperature Versus Core Body Temperature in Infrared Thermometers

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The age-old problem of skin temperature versus core body temperature affecting the accuracy of forehead infrared thermometers has finally been solved by the introduction FeverWarn's OPX technology in its new line of FeverWarn mass temperature scanners.

FeverWarn today announced the introduction of groundbreaking OPX technology in its new line of mass temperature scanners that will greatly enhance the accuracy of scanning for fever at entry points. During the pandemic, infrared forehead temperature scanners have been used to screen out people with fever from entering restaurants, nail salons, churches, schools, medical and dental offices and more. These devices attempt to measure forehead skin temperature as an indication of fever.

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“It is well-known in the medical community yet relatively unknown to the general public, that the problem with the readings of these forehead thermometers is that skin temperature can be increased or decreased independently of core body temperature, for many reasons. Having just been in a cold or hot environment, sunburn, having just exercised, wearing too many clothes, having consumed alcohol, having just eaten, having a variety of skin conditions — these can all influence skin temperature”, explained Dr. Biplab Pal, Co-Founder and CTO of MachineSense, the makers of FeverWarn. “We developed OPX to be an algorithmic solution within our infrared thermometers to predict Core Body Temperature, using additional sensor readings such as ambient temperature and spatial distance of scanning”, added Dr. Pal.

As the use of forehead infrared thermometers has increased dramatically over the past year, many government bodies across the world have raised concerns about the false positives and false negatives that result from the inability to measure accurate core body temperature, especially in extreme cold weather. “OPX technology is built into FeverWarn mass temperature scanners to provide true core body temperature irrespective of external temperature factors. People can be screened outdoor or indoors in extremely hot or cold temperatures, and still, obtain accurate core body temperature”, said Conrad Bessemer, Co-Founder and Chairman of MachineSense”.  “This breakthrough technology is a game-changer and basically renders regular forehead thermometers obsolete”, concluded Bessemer.

FeverWarn has started accepting orders for its new range of self-service, fist/wrist-based IR thermometers on its own website as well as well as on Amazon.com.