FeverWarn Announces Successful Shipment of Pre-Orders and Launch of Online Distribution Channels

FeverWarn Announces Successful Shipment of Pre-Orders and Launch of Online Distribution Channels

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FeverWarn by MachineSense a 100% made in USA no-touch temperature screening, monitoring, and reporting system for offices and factories started shipping a significant amount of pre-orders on May 22. MachineSense, a leader in industrial IoT and AI technologies, launched FeverWarn on March 27, 2020, as offices and factories across the USA were figuring out how to safely operate or reopen amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

FeverWarn ( www.feverwarn.com ) is a low-cost, infrared temperature scanning and reporting system that can be retrofitted to any entrance location for the automatic scanning of the fist, and reportedly produces reliable temperature screening results. “Scanning the fist, rather than the forehead, offers many advantages for accurate temperature screening.  For example, fist scanning works outdoors, like outside of an entrance, where forehead scanners suffer from inaccuracy in the presence of sunlight. FeverWarn doesn't require human intervention to hold a temperature gun, allowing for proper social distancing and making its operation safer and less expensive. Its high-speed scanning capabilities also allow for a faster and more orderly scanning process.  All the data can be recorded in a cloud-based database and accessed from the Crystalball software,” said Dr. Biplab Pal, Ph.D., the inventor of FeverWarn, and CTO & Co-Founder of MachineSense.  “Further,” he said, “the system is aided with a mobile app for self-registration and monitoring of people who have been detected with an elevated temperature.”

Conrad Bessemer, Chairman & Co-Founder of MachineSense,  also announced today that in addition to its own online store ( www.machinesense.com ), FeverWarn products are now available on Amazon.com and Databazaar.com, and will soon be available for government purchases at GSAAdvantage.gov. “As production ramps up, many other online retailers will be carrying FeverWarn products,” Bessemer said.

“Since our launch in March, we have received hundreds of inquiries for various use-case scenarios, and future models of FeverWarn will address those specific cases and industries. For example, after the summer break, schools looking to reopen will require solutions for bus entry and school entrances. Our development is underway for a school bus model of FeverWarn, Pal said. “Also,” Pal added, “the FDA has issued guidelines for fever screening, and we are meeting their recommendations.”

About MachineSense, LLC.

Headquartered in Baltimore, USA, with company-owned R&D facilities in Kolkata, India, MachineSense has developed a patented industrial IoT system for predictive and prescriptive maintenance of machines, using electricity and vibration analytics. The company builds IIoT platform for factory and building utilities that includes electricity, compressed air, water, HVAC, vacuum, etc. For more details, visit www.machinesense.com.

FeverWarn Announces Successful Shipment of Pre-Orders and Launch of Online Distribution Channels

FeverWarn is a safe, no-touch temperature screening, monitoring and reporting system for offices and factories.