Component Analyzer

• Tracks trend health and ambient operating conditions of rotating machinery components 24/7.
• Local EDGE analytics enable continuous high speed data monitoring, reduce data transfer, and increase data integrity.
• Continuous monitoring enables early detection of symptoms that appear under varying operating conditions.
• Cloud-based dashboard gauges summarize advanced analytics into easy-to-understand results that require no advanced training or expertise.

Component Analyzer

The easy-to-install MachineSense™ Component Analyzer constantly tracks the operating condition and trend health of rotating components in industrial machinery

Easy-to-understand icons direct users to view component health trends displaying up to six months of operating history. Customizable threshold values allow users to identify preferred maintenance conditions, unhealthy operating conditions, or deteriorated component health.

Patented time-domain data sampling methods enable continuous trend monitoring to spot anomalies and repeatable events that occur under changing process or operating conditions, allowing early detection of developing component health issues, and the operating trends that may be causing them.

Traditional Frequency-Domain data and analytics (coming soon) add enhanced diagnosis capabilities for bearing and gearbox faults initially, with other device libraries being added each month.

Visualization of key operating and analytic results are conveniently delivered 24/7 via web browser or mobile app in easy-to-understand dashboard gauges, and via email / text alerts. No advanced training or expertise is needed.

Understanding the Value of Predictive Maintenance

In the manufacturing world, improving the utilization of assets and increased productivity are among the most important goals. Reliable assets reduce downtime, improve production quality and get product out the door faster.

Two types of downtime


Routine maintenance and cleaning, installing updates, etc.


Repairs to equipment that has stopped performing its assigned function or is performing its function inadequately.

Measures and predicts:

• Machine utilization
• Ambient operating conditions
• Bearing health
• Belt-drive misalignment
• Abnormal vibration
• Sensor installationStatus

Don’t bring me down

70% or more companies lack awareness of when equipment is due for maintenance, upgrade or replacement.

46% of downtime is due to machinery failure/malfunction.

40% of downtime is due to software failure/malfunction.

Tell me where it hurts

Poorly maintained equipment results in lost production time and lost profits. Unscheduled repairs are costly. Some studies indicate that repairs account for 15% of total expenses.


Predictive maintenance...

Tell me something good

Installing predictive maintenance equipment helps to determine the condition of your process.

The right system provides actionable intelligence, which warns of impending failure if

reported issues are not addressed.


Does it really work?

The ideal predictive maintenance system will allow for scheduling of maintenance prior to equipment

failure, which will help to eliminate unplanned downtime, reduce repair costs and equipment failures and slow

asset deterioration.


Does it really save money?

Not only is a predictive maintenance program far less expensive than a reactive program – some

studies claim up to 40% less expensive, but for every $1 spent to improve equipment there is a $5-10

return to the bottom line.


But, is it really easy to install?

MachineSense’s wearable-solutions all non-invasively upgrade today’s equipment today. We make it super simple and inexpensive to upgrade your existing equipment with easy-to attach component and

electrical sensors that monitor critical systems and assets.


Start me up

The most effective approach is to use a predictive maintenance solution that readily installs to your existing

equipment and has a powerful analytics software package that will collect data from your monitored equipment in real time, compare the data with established baselines, assess the condition of the equipment and use analytics to effectively manage maintenance activities.


With MachineSense, you’ll know exactly what’s going on with your machines so that you can avoid unplanned downtime and dramatically increase productivity and profits. Ask us how we can help implement a predictive maintenance program for you today!