We Know Manufacturing!
MachineSense is a disruptive technology company with strong roots in the machinery and manufacturing sector.  Our affordable technology is focused on predictive maintenance and analytics for industrial machinery, components and infrastructure systems including pumps, compressors and electrical supply.

While technology is our core competency, manufacturing is in our blood. We’re not simply a group of tech savvy coders. We’ve earned our stripes designing, building and selling industrial process equipment. In short, we’re manufacturers enabled and enhanced by technology, using our years of process equipment expertise to create real solutions to industrial processes. We know the issues that process manufacturers face every day: Not enough preventative maintenance. Electrical inconsistencies that threaten the survival of “smart machines”. Motors that seem to “burn out” for no apparent reason. Blowers and gearboxes seizing up‐‐and on and on.

Just like you, we recognize and appreciate that time is money so when a process goes down because of electrical quality issues or component failure, you don’t make money! We know it because we live it. And now we’ve brought these technology advances made for our own equipment to all process equipment markets to save time, prevent costly downtime, and increase profits

Inspired by consumer applications, our Technology features sensor hardware and data at economical price points previously unavailable in the industrial sector.  Up to this time, industrial instrumentation for detecting machinery, component and electrical anomalies has been attainable only at a very high price—making it unsuitable for the vast majority of industrial users or industrial equipment manufacturers.  Our sensor –based technology uses the proven detection technology of vibration, temperature and electrical power at a price point affordable for every industrial application.  Our unique patented platform brings the power of this technology to 24/7 online monitoring, whereas most current industrial instrumentation is temporarily attached to the machine and only records and measures data and anomalies at that point in time, and has limited storage due to internal memory size.

MachineSense, founded in 2014, has been installing and testing our patented technology solutions with a variety of industrial OEM and end user applications to verify results.  We are privately owned with a focus on bringing disruptive price point solutions into the industrial marketplace to significantly improve and measure manufacturing productivity and profitability.

MachineSense has its main offices in Baltimore, Maryland where final assembly, testing and project management is housed.    We also have offices in Kolkata, India where we employ data scientists for machine analytics as well as technical experts for software sensors, middleware and application software.