Interface with Kiosks, Gates, or Other Devices

FeverWarn does not directly make kiosks, gates, or other entrance control systems, although we have many partners to recommend for access control. Most all these separate access control systems can be interfaced with FeverWarn easily with a modest software upgrade subject to the application.

Serial Control Integration

Serial command and control integration with FeverWarn is often available for OEM partners or others that already have kiosks or gates. If a kiosk placement is in an area where FeverWarn is nearby, it can easily integrate with the kiosk controller using USB or the ethernet port. The protocol is typically serial communication (USB) or TCP/IP.

Third-Party API Integration

Third-party API-based integration is a software integration using REST API calls if the associated (typically partner) device is on the same network as FeverWarn. This allows remote integration of FeverWarn with a device that is not physically close but is still on the same network. API calls can be pulled in from FeverWarn web services allowing multiple FeverWarn devices in a network to integrate with a single server or controller. Also, by adding a master data hub, any user can achieve the same local networking level and easier integration. Only the master data hub needs to connect to the local controller.