So Much More than a Thermal Temperature Scanner…

The only self-service scanner with multiple ways to communicate with or activate auxiliary devices

Learn how Feverwarn can easily integrate with auxiliary devices such as doors, kiosks, gates, scanners, employee tracking systems, and more for access control. And learn how you can incorporate it into your data management system for fully-automated compliance record keeping.

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Note: Integration with other devices presently requires the use of Model 250 FeverWarn Devices.
Integration is not possible with Model 1100 FeverWarn Devices.
So Much More than a Thermal Temperature Scanner...

FeverWarn is Your Expert Witness for Ongoing Compliance Reporting

The CDC recommends monitoring employee health and taking measures to protect your employees. Compliance data backups and full reporting are an important part of avoiding future workers’ compensation or liability claims.

  • In addition to following all CDC recommendations, being able to prove you’ve taken all steps can help insulate you against legal claims.
  • Most handheld thermal scanners and even many thermal scanning systems have no way of retaining data or generating visual reporting.
Infrared Fever Screening System
Feverwarn offers legal liability coverage, including:
  • Storage of scanned temperature data
  • Storage of calibration logs confirming valid calibration
  • All data from visitor waiver forms (Users can use the FeverWarn visitor waiver mobile app where all stored data can be downloaded from the cloud or local storage.)
FeverWarn Thermal Scanners Can Be Used Anywhere, Even in Direct Sunlight

Proven technology with 1000’s of integrations nationwide

Trusted by industry leaders across the country, FeverWarn scanners have been installed in thousands of businesses across North America, verifying that the technology works to protect patients, students, employees, visitors and customers. Quick, accurate and reliable, FeverWarn temperature scanners get people through the line faster and safer.