Only Temperature Scanner to Work in Direct Sunlight, Hot Summer, or Cold Winter Weather

  • The most accurate and advanced FDA-compliant temperature scanner
  • Proprietary sensor technology and artificial intelligence provides superior accuracy
  • Enjoy the speed and ease of a non-contact, self-service device

FDA & HIPAA Compliant

Ultra-fast, touchless

Self-service / No operator required

AI for accuracy in hot/cold weather

Real-time Text/Email alerts

Data Storage & Flexible Reporting

Fast, Accurate Scanning

How FeverWarn works

Simply place your fist or wrist under the device

Green GO or red STOP appears in 1.5 seconds

Automated fever alerts sent in real-time


Scanning the wrist/fist is the best area to get a temperature!

  • Easy self-service, socially-distanced scanning without exposing personnel
  • Arteries in the hand are close to the skin wall making it ideal for scanning
  • No interference from hats, face coverings, bangs, makeup, or perspiration

Thousands of happy customers!

  • Trusted by thousands of schools, hospitals, and businesses across North America
  • FeverWarn comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a full 1-year warranty

Major East Coast Hospital Chain

“FeverWarn was chosen by our hospital because it enabled all staff to get to work on time. It takes temperatures quickly, efficiently, and accurately. No other system was this efficacious and timely…In addition, the customer service staff is second to none.”

Doctors on Duty Medical Clinics

“We have been using FeverWarn in our 9 Urgent Care Clinics and it has delivered all that we expected. It screens patients for fevers quickly and unobtrusively and has been well received by our patients and staff.

The device also allowed us to move our patient screener back behind the reception desk where they can work safely and more efficiently. We are very satisfied and would recommend it to others.”

Growing Grove Preschool

“We use our FeverWarn temperature scanning daily! As a preschool and childcare center, it is a vital tool. As parents enter to drop off and pick up their children, we do a temperature and wellness check. This handy machine speeds up the process and is touchless.

Their customer service has been excellent. We will absolutely be doing business in the future with them.”


Breakthrough OPX technology for accurate scanning regardless of weather conditions

  • Most non-contact thermometers DO NOT work in direct sunlight, hot weather, or cold weather
  • FeverWarn OPX Scanners provide superior accuracy regardless of the ambient temperature
  • Most non-contact thermometers only work in a 70°- 94° ambient temperature range
  • OPX technology extends the ambient range of use to 40° – 105°

Take FeverWarn wherever it's needed!

Optional battery pack allows complete portability

Requires no personnel to operate

Bluetooth, WiFi, or Hotspot enabled.


Get instant text / email alerts

FeverWarn B-series sends text or email alerts to the to the appropriate safety manager or department leader when a fever is detected.

  • Get alerts via SMS or email in real-time
  • Easily adjust your temperature threshold
  • Automatic alerts eliminate additional monitoring expense

Flexible compliance reporting

  • Storage of scanned temperature data with visualization
  • Managers can access health reports
  • Easy access to reporting on your mobile phone or desktop
Return to school

Don't let your school become the next outbreak

Ultra-fast scanning allows students to get in the classroom on time

Portability allows FeverWarn to go from the bus line to the school entrance

Superior accuracy reduces false-negative scans protecting your school

Return to Work

Put an end to illnesses disrupting your business

Non-contact automated station reduces manpower

Staff and visitors only enter the building if they scan below the fever threshold

Ensure your company’s health and compliance standards are met

Which FeverWarn is Right for Me?



  • Onboard data storage
  • Fast 1.5 seconds / scan
  • New OPX technology



All the advantages of the FW-OPX-1100A plus…

  • Text / Email alerts
  • Cloud included
  • Data visualization
  • Flexible compliance reporting


  • Floor Stands ($139)
  • Desk Stands ($89)
  • Battery Packs ($250)


FeverWarn is an IoT-based, skin temperature scanning system from Opteev. The current models scan skin temperatures to act as your virtual screening tool without the need for personnel to hold IR scanning devices and compromise social distancing rules. The data is then captured and can be viewed by downloading the on-board data, or depending on the model, can be viewed in real-time from the Crystalball Cloud.

Fever is a rise in core body temperature. Blood vessels carry the temperature to the skin. That’s why the skin on top of the arteries is the best location for scanning a non-contact temperature. The fist/wrist has several arteries under the skin surface. The fist/wrist is also the best area to get a temperature reading because there is no interference from hats, face coverings, bangs, makeup, or perspiration.

Baltimore, Maryland – USA

The market has been flooded with thermal camera systems often sold through US distributors posing as manufacturers. However, most are made by one company in China, all of which are making unsupported claims involving being able to scan multiple objects, scan individuals with hats and glasses, and scan outdoors. A complaint was filed with the Security Industry Association with the FDA, and articles have been written in the Wall Street Journal and Wire Magazines of schools and other institutions being victimized by these vendors. In some cases, devices from China are also using electronic components that have been banned by the US government.

FeverWarn is made by Opteev Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Novatec, Inc. The device is manufactured in the US and meets all the criteria established by the Security Industry Association and is FDA compliant in its performance. Novatec and its suppliers have been making industrial machinery and instrumentation since 1965.

FeverWarn is a self-service temperature scanning system. Unlike inexpensive, minimal ambient range handheld devices, another individual does not have to hold the sensor 1-4 inches away from the subject’s forehead—often putting the individual holding the handheld sensor at risk by not meeting acceptable social distancing requirements.

All FeverWarn models offer onboard storage of temperature data. FeverWarn B-series offers optional cloud storage of temperature data.

FeverWarn offers state-of-the-art OPX technology, which extends the ambient range by up to 50% over any other infrared scanner on the market today. This specialized technology makes FeverWarn ideal for poorly temperature-regulated entranceways such as vestibules, which can also be compromised by direct sunlight intrusion.

FeverWarn model FW-250D-OPX offers integration capability with magnetic doors, kiosks, gates, employee card systems, and more.

For more information of the FeverWarn FW-250D-OPX model and its integration capabilities please contact or call us at +1-443-457-1370.

FeverWarn is a patent-pending system developed by Opteev Technologies, Inc. and its partners Novatec, Inc., a US manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience in industrial equipment, and Prophecy Sensorlytics LLC, a leading IoT company. The following are the unique features of FeverWarn when compared to other products:

It possesses proprietary OPX technology which consists of advanced sensor technology combined with artificial intelligence software. OPX technology provides superior accuracy in each and every scan by ensuring external ambient conditions do not affect the temperature reading.

It is easy to install at doorways, entrances, and employee check-in systems, etc.

Alarm and statistics can be sent to the cloud. Deployers can receive alerts with a timestamp via SMS text messages or emails.

It is calibrated using the human body to maintain calibration easily.

The FeverWarn FW-250D-OPX can be integrated with automated doors via USB output and is offered with Modbus and UART. The FW-250D-OPX model also allows its alarms and other statistics to be available over REST API to integrate with any existing ERP systems.

For more information of the FeverWarn FW-250D-OPX model and its integration capabilities please contact or call us at +1-443-457-1370.

Traditional non-contact thermometers have suffered from high inaccuracy due to warm or cold ambient conditions and the radiation from hot and cold air molecules. These traditional non-contact devices are notorious for providing inaccurate readings. In a recent Walter Reed presentation, Dr Fauci cited a trip to the White House on a hot weather work day when his temperature was registered by a handheld non-contact thermometer at 103°F outside of the White House, 97.4°F in an air-conditioned car, and then 93°F at another facility. That’s a 10 degree variation in a few hours! This is why almost all non-contact thermometers are only rated to work in 70°- 94° environments. Operating these handheld units outside of this temperature bandwidth will result in inaccurate readings and could lead to an outbreak in your building.

FeverWarn’s new OPX Technology development has been implemented on all FeverWarn models extending the ambient range by up to 50% (from around 40-104°F in actual testing). This proprietary patent-pending technology consists of advanced spatial geometry sensors combined with artificial intelligence software to filter out the effects of cold or warm weather and problems with sunlight.

FeverWarn is the only temperature sensing system to feature this new OPX technology. Unlike any other non-contact thermometer or temperature scanner on the market, FeverWarn is able to provide ultra-high accuracy in environments as cold as 40° all the way up to as hot as 104°, rendering other handheld scanners obsolete.

Non-contact thermal imaging has several restrictions. Although skin temperature is a good indicator of a core body temperature, scanning skin temperature automatically can be difficult. The reliability of scanning the skin temperature depends on factors such as the use of makeup, skin color, sweating, exposure to ambient temperature, etc. Depending on those factors, error margins can be increased. That’s why the FDA recommends that if an elevated temperature is detected, a proper contact thermometer should be used to confirm a fever.

No matter what happens in the future with many virus variants and vaccine boosters, most employers and employees, as well as teachers and students, now recognize that keeping sick people from any workplace or inside group exposure is just plain good common sense. No matter what virus or bacteria is involved, why would you want anyone with a high temperature in your workplace, school, or waiting room?

Ongoing concern about employee and visitor wellbeing is the new byproduct of the pandemic era, no matter what happens next. Employers do not want to have sick people in their workplace or indoor areas. Employees want to be assured that there are no sick people in the environment as they return to work.

The screening of people with temperatures, no matter if viral or bacterial, is even more crucial as we recognize that most buildings do not have adequate air exchange systems and that inside space with a high-temperature individual can easily result in others getting sick and preventing high productivity and good health.

Employers show they care by using FeverWarn; in turn, employees recognize that FeverWarn is a sign that their employers care about their wellbeing. Employees realize that the screening of visitors keeps them safer as well.

Screening for employee health to keep sick people home is the new standard in building safety and employee wellbeing.

The system includes a bracket for the easy mounting of one infrared, touchless temperature sensor to be installed in either a fixture or entryways so that infrared radiations from a human body can be measured for elevated temperatures.

The OPX spatial geometry sensors included with all FeverWarn OPX Series models collect the infrared radiation in its field of view. Then the infrared radiation energy is converted into corresponding electrical signals when converging on the photoelectric detector.

Optional accessories include floor stands, desk stands, and battery packs.

110/220V, 60Hz AC power supply will power FeverWarn.

Yes, the FeverWarn FW-250D-OPX model comes standard with integration capabilities offering a relay signal to integrate with automatic openings. FeverWarn FW-250D-OPX sends an ON/OFF relay based on a go/no go temperature via USB. A customer can purchase an appropriate USB relay converter for their relay system to automate door operation. FeverWarn 1100 models do not include integration capabilities.

For more information of the FeverWarn FW-250D-OPX model and its integration capabilities please contact or call us at +1-443-457-1370.

Current FeverWarn products are not weatherproof or water resistant. Like most electronic products that are not weatherproof, they can still be used outside with the right precautions and protections. FeverWarn scanners are portable with our optional FeverWarn battery pack, making it easy to take FeverWarn wherever you need it, from the bus line to the breezeway, or from a building’s entrance to a hallway; however, FeverWarn should not be used in outdoor situations where there is a chance of it getting wet or damp from inclement weather or extreme humidity. Think of it like a non-weatherproof speaker system. Could you enjoy those speakers outdoors on a nice day? Yes, but you wouldn’t want to leave it outside at night and you certainly want to take it indoors if there is any chance of inclement weather. For that reason, we suggest only using FeverWarn outdoors for a short period of time in ideal weather conditions and to keep it under a roofed area or cabana during that period just in case.

Each sensor is factory calibrated. If field calibration is required, customers can conduct their calibration by manual or automatic calibration process using the FeverWarn IoT Support mobile app. In manual calibration mode, the human body temperature must be taken as a reference. In auto-calibration mode, the reference temperature will be taken from the calibrator by the device automatically. The calibration certificate will be readable from the web/mobile app. For bulk installation and operation, customers can purchase an auto-calibrator for automatic calibration of the system.

The FeverWarn Crystalball Cloud is built on the Microsoft® Azure Cloud platform. The servers are in Virginia, USA.

FeverWarn B-series models have access to the optional Crystalball Cloud service.

The Crystalball Cloud allows for easy to access compliance reports, real-time fever alerts via text and/or email, as well as real-time visualization of temperature scans. It also software features will be automatically updated rather than manually downloading and pushing to the device.

Many FeverWarn users store their anonymous temperature scanning information directly on the FeverWarn Crystalball Cloud (managed by Microsoft® Azure). The advantages of this are that data can be seen anywhere, anytime, as opposed to the mobile app where data can only be seen when close to the device.