Card Readers and Scanners

There are many applications for employees or guests where hotels or employers want to combine temperature scanning with approved access, often done by cards or QR code scanners. FeverWarn offers several different scanning systems on a stand allowing you to easily integrate FeverWarn, with your temperature and guest/employee data. The choice of reader type depends on the access card you are already using in your application.

QR Scanner Integration

In some applications, depending on local law and custom, there may be a requirement to store the temperature of an identified person (some areas do require user permission). A unique QR code can be given to an employee or guest, allowing the subsequent temperature screening to combine with the QR identification data for liability purposes. For easy scanning, QR codes can be distributed via a mobile phone application, or the QR image can be placed on a card. This application can also be combined with access control through relay inclusion and a master data hub to assure the storage of sensitive data locally.

RFID Card Reader

RFID card readers are used to identify a person in access control systems. Each card also has a unique ID. FeverWarn serial ports take the card reader’s data and process this data along with the scanned body temperature to determine the employee/guest’s admissibility at the door. The combined output can then be fed as a relay or pure data to the customer server or our master data hub.

FeverWarn offers RFID card reader hardware and supporting cloud microservice to enable database storage for access control operation. Databases combined with card reader ID, temperature, and time stamp can be stored anywhere using this API. The data can be stored in a public or private cloud as well as an on-premise, mini-cloud master data hub.

RFID Card Reader

Magnetic card readers are used to identify a person in an access control system. Each magnetic card has a unique ID. Feverwarn serial ports (USB) uses the data from the magnetic card reader and processes that data along with the scanned temperature data to determine the guest/employee’s admissibility at the door. The combined output is fed as a relay or pure data to a customer server or master data hub. The output can also be combined with a relay to activate other auxiliary devices such as an automatic door opening system. FeverWarn offers a stand-mounted magnetic card reader and relay package, which can be placed next to the main FeverWarn device.