Economical End-To-End OEM Solution for Transformative Machine Diagnostics

Most savvy industrial equipment manufacturers recognize that having on-board predictive diagnostics will initially be a differentiator, and without it they will lose business within this decade. The market is quickly moving past simplistic monitoring and alarming and instead requires affordable technology that provides actionable maintenance advice before machine malfunction or failure.

In most cases, there is not one total solution focused on industrial equipment or components. Some suppliers sell sensors. Some sell data gateways. Others sell generic software that then has to be customized. The integration of all these technologies into a modern analytic package can be daunting and expensive for most industrial equipment suppliers, never mind the implementation of software and cloud-based analytic programs. Internal resources can be overly consumed, taking away the focus on core products. Program deadlines can be missed and cost targets vastly exceeded.

The Prophecy End-To-End OEM Platform changes all that. Although we are a technology company, our core focus is on industrial equipment. Implementation and execution is dramatically simplified because of single vendor responsibility. Product cost emulates consumer electronics, not high priced specialized industrial electronics so you can drive differentiation and value—as well as future customer loyalty. Prophecy handles the entire process from planning, to customization to implementation so your product experts continue to focus on your core products.

The Prophecy End-To-End OEM Platform assures you the fastest possible implementation of machine diagnostics on your existing products. Let’s work together to move your products to the next level of onboard machine analytics, diagnostics and actionable intelligence.


Multi-metric MEMS-based wearable machine sensors easily attach to the outside of the machine or components, using existing power. No need for batteries.



Proprietary plant-wide software packages provide a factory dashboard of all Prophesized assets including histograms, analytics and Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) advice.



Prophecy WiFi and Ethernet enabled Datahub can connect with multiple sensors. Plus, it’s Edge computing enabled for at-site storage and analytics.



Prophecy cloud infrastructure for real time sensor data analytics and historical data storage.


Only encrypted sensor data is sent to the cloud and analyzed. Prophecy never senses or records process data, and never takes control of the machine or components, avoiding potential security threats.


Patent pending advanced Meta-Data Analytics Engine provides deep machine learning and statistical analysis.



Proprietary plant-wide software packages provide a factory dashboard of all Prophesized assets including histograms, analytics and Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) advice.



Local machine intelligence is provided to mobile apps featuring time gauge visualizations and maintenance corrective action alerts.


Prophecy OEM Roadmap

We have strong links to the OEM business model so we know exactly what’s required to get your equipment updated to the Prophecy platform quickly and easily.




Our project manager will work with your test staff at your location to build up baselines just for your equipment and compare them to our existing databases.


BETA TESTING (2-4 weeks)

Once we’ve built and compared the baselines, we’ll start some beta tests either at your test facility or your customer’s location to verify performance.


APP UPDATES (2-4 weeks)

Based on the baselines and beta tests, we’ll update our Prophecy
app so it is exclusively for your equipment and your customers.



Your sensor hardware is delivered for you to start installing on
your equipment and can also be part of your QC process.




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