`If you can measure it . . .you can proactively manage it`

Many factory environments, regardless of industry, have components, machines and processes that are virtually unmonitored except for machine alarms and time based maintenance. The result is often “run to failure” and discontinuous operations that victimize productivity and profitability.

Sound, vibration and power measurement are technologies that have existed for years for industrial monitoring–and have been well proven in many environments. However, for the most part these sensing technologies have been very expensive, only enabled a single measurement at a single point in time (not 24×7 monitoring) and usually required others to interpret the results of the raw sound, vibration or power data. As a result, these well proven technologies have not been widely used especially by mid-level manufacturing and process industries.
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Prophecy has changed all this. We’ve taken well proven sound, vibration and power measuring technologies and combined them with low cost consumer based sensing technologies and cloud based analytics for the sensorlytics approach to sensing technologies for components and processes.