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School Temperature Scanner

FeverWarn... Your First Line of Defense Against Viral Spread

FACT: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that schools and businesses not only protect their students/employees but also monitor employee health regularly. Legal experts assert that entities that fail to maintain minimum standards, including health monitoring and screening, could later be subject to liability or workman’s compensation issues if teachers, students, service employees and visitors contract the virus.


The Most Advanced, Non-invasive, Socially–distanced, FDA Compliant Temperature Scanning Device for Schools

Accuracy to +/-0.9°F +/-0.5°C

Self-servicing–no human intervention required

Data reporting to protect against future liability

Auxiliary USB ports for card readers, doors, and gates

Priced thousands less than thermal imaging cameras

A fever is the most common virus infection symptom, affecting up to 88 percent of those who have the ailment

This telling symptom of possible virus infection can be easily monitored with FeverWarn by conducting pre-entry temperature screenings to alert potentially sick employees or visitors and keep them from exposing others.

School Temperature Scanner

FeverWarn’s advanced infrared temperature screening system offers much more than temperature scanning.

FeverWarn’s reporting software is your future expert witness, providing compliance reports to help you avoid liability issues. The system also easily integrates with auxiliary devices such as automatic doors, gates, and employee attendance systems.


The FIRST Line of Defense Against Viral Spread in Schools

Touchless School Temperature Scanner

Why is FeverWarn So Important?

Accuracy. Reliability. Safety

First Line of Defense when entering the school

Accurate infrared measurement (±0.3°F/C) that is FDA compliant

Non-contact self-service temperature scanning

Provides outputs for triggering auxiliary doors or gates if needed

Offers data compliance for legal protection

Developed and manufactured in the USA for quick delivery/ FREE shipping

Easy and flexible installation set up and operation

Immediate alerts help organizations make informed decisions

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COMPARE with Other Options...

Temperature Scanning Devices

Only made in USA product for automated fever screening, registered in GSA and SAM.GOV, technologically the most advanced fever screening system in the world with OPX technology, fully IoT/Cloud/AI enabled technology.

Forehead Thermal Scanner For Schools


Forehead Thermal Scanner

Most Infrared forehead temperature guns, although accurate and affordable, require human interaction and do not allow for proper social distancing. Sun, makeup, and varying heights also add to the difficulties of measuring the temperature from the forehead.


Uses same infrared technology as FeverWarn. Compromised by forehead perspiration, hair, makeup and head coverings not found on wrist measurements

Accuracy depends on perspiration, makeup, hair and positioning distance Head covering would need to be removed


Human intervention required

No data outputs for provable future compliance defense

No data outputs for auxiliary devices

Fist Artery Thermal Scanner For Schools


FeverWarn Infrared Fist Artery Thermal Scanner

FeverWarn uses the same infrared sensors as other thermal scanners, but has been specifically designed for fist/wrist artery temperature scanning, which is not subject to high perspiration, significant hair, head coverings or make-up.


Consistent accuracy not compromised by forehead perspiration, make-up, hair and head coverings

Offers either local or cloud data storage to preserve compliance with monitoring guidelines

No additional intervention or supervision required as with handheld temperature guns

Offers output signals for doors and gates as well as integration with employee card systems

Convenient stands and shrouds available to assist installation

School Thermal Scanner


Camera Based Thermal Scanner

Thermal scanning cameras, while accurate, are expensive, and in some cases where facial recognition is used can cause privacy concerns.


No human intervention required

Some models provide data outputs for future compliance defense

Some models provide data outputs for auxiliary devices

Most use similar infrared sensor principle as FeverWarn

Accuracy depends on exposure to UV sunlight, makeup, facial coverings and distance and resolution of camera

Not recommended for crowd scanning unless very high resolution camera, should primarily be used for individual scanning as with FeverWarn.


Typically require separately sold computer interface not included

Privacy concerns

How FeverWarn Works

Breakthrough Technology

It’s All In The Fist

The wrist and fist areas are ideal for infrared scanning because the arterial blood flow is close to the skin. Generally this area does not have scanning complications of other IR technologies like forehead scans where perspiration, hair, or make-up can interfere.

FeverWarn is a self-service scanning with reliable results in one second or less!

Simply place your fist under the scanner (1-4 inches away), and you’ll get either a red or green light indicator (note: the 230-model provides an voice activated announcement in addition to the light signal)

Wrist School Temperature Scanner

The Science of Fist-Forward Temperature Monitoring

University studies report the fist/wrist as one of the most reliable areas for temperature scanning Many people are familiar with infrared (IR) skin temperature devices being used to monitor forehead skin temperature. But due to different heights, heavy perspiration of the forehead area, hair, makeup, and other facial coverings, the readings can be compromised and often require secondary scans. In fact, infrared skin temperature can be taken in many places on the human body, especially those regions where arterial blood flow is present. Still, some areas, including the fist, are best to correlate with mean body temperature (MBT), which is used to measure fever. Another reason the fist/wrist area was selected as an optimal temperature monitoring is because people can easily manipulate their arm/hand and scan themselves. In contrast, people of different heights would require multiple scanners to achieve the same results with a forehead scanner. Besides, research and even warnings

Contactless Thermal Scanner For Schools

by manufacturers of forehead scanners have established that their readings can be compromised by forehead perspiration, makeup, hair, and other coverings. Longer range thermal infrared imaging systems are also available on the market. Still, they are expensive, and a high-resolution camera is necessary to direct the image to the correct facial areas. Also, infrared imaging cannot be used outdoors due to the interference of the sunlight’s infared rays which, will impact the results.

Thermal Scanner For School Safety


WHY do we need temperature scanning at our schools?

Temperature Scanning, or Thermal Scanning has been recognized as a key indicator of early warning of virus infection. Having thermal scanning devices inside the entrance/exits of your school (manufacturing plant) provides a level of protection and comfort in knowing that anyone whose reading indicates a higher than normal temperature will not be allowed to further enter the building.

Are there specific guidelines for re-opening schools that include some type of temperature monitoring as a first-line defense?

The CDC has provided general guidelines to the Dept of education that includes a recommendation to integrate temperature monitoring as part of an overall virus prevention strategy. As a first line of protection, and in concert with other safety precautions such as wearing masks and social distancing, thermal scanning should be strongly considered in any precaution planning.

How Does FeverWarn compare with other current temperature monitoring devices?

There are multiple benefits the FeverWarn application has over two other current approaches. Unlike hand-held scanner that require a person to stand there all day and take readings, FeverWarn uses the fist as the key indicator for temperature readings. Studies have shown that this is the most stable and accurate part of the body for this type of scanning. Hand-held scanners to the forehead have several issues that can affect an accuratereading. Perspiration, hair in the way, proper social distancing, and even make-up can negatively influence an accurate reading.

The other scanner is a fixed position scanner that requires the person to stand up taller, squat down lower to get in the range of the scan, and then hold that position for several seconds until it registers. This scanner also has to take into account the same issues as the hand-held scanner in regards to perspiration, hair in the way, social distancing and make-up.

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Protect Your Teachers, Service Employees, and Visitors

One of your schools’ most valuable assets is your teachers and support staff. Knowing they are coming to work in an environment that is as safe as possible takes away stress. It builds confidence allowing them to perform their jobs in safer surroundings without health-concern distractions. Visitors will also appreciate the precautions taken to ensure that safety-first is a large part of your stand against viral spread.

Protect Your Students

FeverWarn can be installed in front lobby or classroom entrances or other locations to protect students and faculty prior to further entering the school.

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