OPX Scanning Technology

FeverWarn Announces The Development of OPX Scanning Technology For Up to 50% Scanning Improvement over Ordinary Temperature Scanners

FeverWarn by MachineSense, the industry’s only self-service temperature scanning product line, has announced the development and implementation of its new OPX technology for all new FeverWarn models effective immediately. 

Up to now, all temperature scanners had been limited for recommended ambient conditions of between 70 Degrees F and 94 Degrees F.  This limitation is generally found on all handheld temperature scanners throughout the world. 

However, FeverWarn’s new OPX technology—the first of its type anywhere in the world—nows extends the temperature bandwidth by up to 50% over ordinary temperature scanners.  This new technology consists of new spatial geometry sensors combined with an artificial intelligence algorithm to filter out the effects of cold or warm weather, as well as problems with sunlight.  FeverWarn is the only temperature sensing system in the world to feature this new OPX technology which renders most other handheld devices obsolete. 

Traditionally all infrared thermal temperature sensing systems have suffered from high inaccuracy due to warm and cold weather ambient conditions as the radiation from hot and cold air molecules adds to unwanted temperature measurement error.  Sunlight, being a strong source of infrared rays, also has produced errors with temperature scanners as well so that placement outside or in lobbies with direct sunlight penetration has proven problematic in the past. 

With the deployment of the new proprietary OPX technology, FeverWarn is now ideal to handle North American ambient conditions as well as sunlight. 

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