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HVAC Optimization

HVAC/Cooler units require a set point temperature. By dynamically recommending one based on the target room/floor temperature, current ambient temperature, current weather conditions, and seasonal variation, the system can be optimized to maximize energy savings.

Most of the HVAC cooling or heating set points are not automated and manually set. However, due to weather changes along with other parameters including the number of people, computers within a room, etc. in order to achieve a constant room temperature of 24C or 73F, the set point needs to be dynamically adjusted. Without a proper recommendation engine for the set point, the HVAC system will cool below or heat above 24C when it is unnecessary and thus energy will be wasted. For most of the production plant, utility bills are about 10-30% of their OPEX. Even a 10% savings on the energy bill will lead to a 1-3% improvement on the operational bottom line.

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