Protect Your Office Buildings with Self-Service Temperature Screening

Don’t waste valuable man-hours or put an employee at risk to obtain a health check!

FDA, HIPAA, and NDAA compliant

Text or Email alerts if fever is detected

Integrates with ID readers, electric and magnetic doors

Onboard and Cloud storage for compliance reporting

Ultra fast! Obtains a reading in 1.5 seconds

NEW OPX Technology measures Core Body Temperature in addition to surface temperature

Highly Accurate! Measures to +/- 0.5°C

Works indoors AND outdoors in cold weather or hot sunny days


The Wrist Beats the Forehead in Temperature Scanning.

  • Easy self-servicing without risking personnel to exposure
  • No interference by hats or face coverings
  • No makeup on the wrist vs. skin makeup on the forehead which can interfere
  • Reduced hair on wrist vs. bangs and long hair which can interfere with forehead scanning
  • No perspiration on the wrist vs. heavy perspiration on forehead which can interfere with scanning

The back of the hand has ideal arterial blood flow, which accurately correlates to mean body temperature. Research confirms the back of the hand has one of the most steady readings which is ideal for thermal scanning.

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Why FeverWarn is the most affordable, safest and fastest on the market!

Fist Artery Thermal Scanner For Schools

FeverWarn OPX Self-Service Thermal Scanner

  • Fastest!
  • Safest!
  • Most Affordable!
  • The Most Accurate!
  • Consistent accuracy not compromised by forehead perspiration, make-up, hair and head coverings
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Sensor location is not compromised by UV sunlight
  • Offers either local or cloud data storage to preserve compliance with monitoring guidelines
  • No additional intervention or supervision required as with handheld temperature guns
  • Offers output signals for doors and gates as well as integration with employee card systems
  • Convenient stands and shrouds available to assist installation
Fist Artery Thermal Scanner For Schools

Forehead Thermal Scanner

  • Threatening looking gun pointed at a child’s face
  • Breaking social distancing
  • Bangs, head coverings, hats, and makeup can all affect readings
  • Putting your staff at risk!
  • Wasted man-hours!
  • Head covering would need to be removed
  • Human intervention required
  • No data outputs for provable future compliance defense
  • No data outputs for auxiliary devices
School Thermal Scanner

Camera Based Thermal Scanner

  • Expensive
  • Time consuming
  • Invasive
  • Typically require separately sold computer interface not included
  • Privacy concerns
  • Accuracy depends on exposure to UV sunlight, makeup, facial coverings and distance and resolution of camera
  • Not recommended for crowd scanning unless very high resolution camera, should primarily be used for individual scanning as with FeverWarn.
  • Typically require separately sold computer interface not included
  • Privacy concerns


The Science of Fist-Forward Temperature Monitoring.

Increased body temperatures spreads to the skin via blood circulation. The skin surface of the hand, due to exposed high arterial flow, responds easily and steadily to changes in mean body temperature. Results are repeatable and steady with +/- 0.5 degrees.

Try it yourself. Make a fist. You can clearly see the arteries in the hand leading to the fingers. The closeness of these arteries to the skin wall makes this area ideal for self-scanning and produces excellent results across a vast majority of the population.


Easily Integrates with Employee ID Badge Systems, Electric and Magnetic Doors, Turnstiles, Gates, Sanitizer Dispensers, QR Readers and Much More!

FeverWarn Thermal Scanning Systems include a USB port to control external relays, which can be used to send outputs to auxiliary devices, including gates and security doors. By using an appropriate USB to RS232/485 or digital high/low relay converter (based on the existing access control relay protocol) users can control their gate access operation


FeverWarn is your expert witness for ongoing compliance reporting.

With the CDC’s recommendations to monitor employee health and take measures to protect your employees. Compliance data backups and full reporting are an important part of avoiding future workman’s compensation or liability claims.

  • Legal experts claim that following all CDC recommendations and being able to prove such will help insulate you against legal claims.
  • Handheld thermal scanners and even many thermal scanning systems have no way of retaining data or generating visual reporting. Not the case with FeverWarn’s Compliance Reporting capabilities!


FeverWarn offers data compliance for legal protection

  • FeverWarn only measures temperature. It does not identify the individual or retain any personal information.
  • If customers do not want temperature data to go to the Crystalball cloud, it can be pushed to an internal server to keep all data locally.
  • We are absolutely committed to privacy by avoiding the collection of personal information and assisting with local storage as required.


  • Local on board storage for up to 1,000 scans. Can be exported into CSV format for manipulation. Phone visualization for daily scans.
  • Cloud storage available through Crystalball Cloud. One year free subscription included. $100/year after that or $10/month. Visualization available as well as CSV reports available for download. Also includes micro services for email and text alerts.
  • If the use of an outside cloud is objectionable, users can easily configure their own local network storage to keep everything on premise.

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