Interface with Automatic Door Systems

FeverWarn offers USB ports with Go/No-go relay signals. However, most legacy automated door systems do not interface with USB. To accommodate this, FeverWarn offers a relay device accessory that converts serial relay to a digital relay, which adapts to most common automation applications such as automated door controls. With this technology in place, when FeverWarn detects an elevated body temperature, the automatic door will not open, and when normal body temperature is detected, the door opens.

Interface with an Electromagnetic Lock for Door Retrofit

Electromagnetic locks can be added to existing doors for access control purposes and can interface with FeverWarn. Closed doors are held shut with an electromagnetic force equivalent of 30-300 lbs. depending on the door application. Locks are closed- or open-based with the electromagnetic locks powered on or off. This switching is operated by a 12-volt controller, which can take output directly from the Feverwarn USB port.

This setup can also be interfaced with a magnetic/RF card system control in addition to FeverWarn for added security control (See Employee Entrance Cards and Scanners). Data can be retained locally on a private server when integrating personnel or guest information. (See Storing Data Results On Your Private Server). You can choose to use your private server, or you can use the MachineSense master data hub. If you have many Feverwarn devices, we advise that you maintain a master data hub, allowing it to push data to your local server.