LED light damage in commercial building

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1. Introduction:

Now days LED lights are widely used by people to save electricity cost and at the same time it plays a vital role to make environment pollution free  as it does not contain any toxic element such as mercury.

All the LED bulb does have driver in built. This basically takes AC power and converts it to DC using high frequency switching.

2. Common electrical causes of LED light/bulb burning:
  • Over voltage
  • Frequent voltage fluctuation
LED light damage in commercial building


Effect of over voltage on LED light/bulb

LED light/bulb is DC operated device but takes 230AC as input. It converts AC to desired DC voltage by high frequency controller inside. The controller does have a certain input voltage limit beyond which the converter enters into discontinuous mode of operation and at some point of time it will burn out. There is certain range of voltage conversion from AC to DC but once the input voltage goes high it will damage the high frequency MOSFET inside due to high dv/dt.

Effect of frequent voltage fluctuation.

It is also one of the common problem that damage the LED light. Continuous voltage fluctuation will make the voltage controller unstable. High current spike will be generated due to fluctuation to maintain the same brightness and eventually this will lead more heat generation inside.



  • Voltage imbalance needs to be checked 24x7. It can happen because of poor electrical wiring i.e. single phase loads are not properly distributed among the phases. MachineSense PA will help users through to detect voltage imbalance and users can verify and rectify the wiring issue.
  • Voltage fluctuation happens due to switching ON and OFF of highly inductive load like welding machine, large compressor nearby. It can also happens because of Utility problem which can be solved using voltage stabilizer at incoming line of the factory.

MachineSense Power Analyzer will catch over/under voltage event and voltage Sag/Swell as well. SMS/Email will reach to customer’s inbox whenever detected. Thus solution to the problem looks lot easier than ever using MachienSense PA.