Thermal Scanning System FeverWarn Sees Rapid Adoption By School Districts

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The pioneering fist-based thermal scanner FeverWarn, launched by MachineSense in early March, 2020, is seeing rapid adoption by school districts across the United States. As schools prepare to reopen in the fall, finding an effective, affordable and cost effective fever screening system has been one of the challenges faced by school districts.  In addition, all the thousands of  screenings have to be done within first ten minutes of opening in the morning which necessitates superfast screening in  multiple parallel lines.

“Our outreach to school districts directly and via distributors has generated a lot of interest from administrators struggling to find a mass fever screening/thermal scanning system,” said Conrad Bessemer, Co-Founder and Chairman of MachineSense.

FeverWarn is no ordinary thermal scanner for simple fever screening. It provides accurate infrared measurement that is FDA compliant, facilitates non-contact, self-service thermal scanning, can be retro-fitted for triggering operations of auxiliary doors and gates, and offers cloud-based data compliance for legal protection. Additionally, the speed of thermal scanning using the fist and the pedestal/stand for the device provided to the schools is a distinct advantage in a school or college setting.

 “While creating FeverWarn from concept to production entirely in the United States, we carefully analyzed the potential need of schools and educational institutions faced with reopening in the middle of the pandemic,” said Dr. Biplab Pal, Ph.D., the Co-Founder and CTO of MachineSense. “Creating an effective temperature screening device for schools  cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach which many of our competitors have adopted since they are using foreign imported technology not suitable for US schools. For example, in US high schools variation of student height ranges from 4ft to 7ft. Besides thousands of students have to be screened on parallel lines within ten minutes. This is not possible with forehead scanning since there is no time to adjust the height. Only fist scanning can offer the speed, logistic simplicity and price point. With various models and special accessories, FeverWarn presents a complete range of choices to schools that is difficult to find in a competing product," Pal added.

“Schools and colleges preparing to reopen have been flooded by many choices of thermal scanners. But very few check all the boxes in the way that FeverWarn does”, remarked Bessemer whose other investments in technology-enabled workplace safety products are also finding success in the market.  “Schools are faced with a unique set of issues when it comes to thermal scanners. Our careful product planning seems to have addressed all of them”, he added.

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