Steps That Should be Followed to Install Infrared Scanners in Office Areas or Buildings

Steps That Should be Followed to Install Infrared Scanners in Office Areas or Buildings

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The use of no-contact thermometers using infrared technology increased somewhere around March 2020. During the entire lockdown phase, these thermal devices were used extensively in healthcare centers, airports, and other open places. The idea was to prevent the spread of the virus by prohibiting people with elevated temperature levels from entering the premises. When the lockdown was lifted, the demand for such devices increased across the globe. Now everyone needed to measure the temperature of people entering office buildings, shopping centers, and other public spaces. Thermal guns proved futile and slow in taking readings from hundreds of people. Further, someone always has to be there to take readings, as the device is not self-sufficient. Last but not least, scanning the forehead seemed to have several drawbacks, as pointed out by the experts. 

The disadvantages of measuring temperature from the forehead

The picture of a professional taking temperature readings by pointing a weird-looking gadget at the forehead has been doing the rounds of social media since March. In airports, railway stations, healthcare centers, shopping malls, etc., these gadgets were used to prevent the entry of people with fever. As the lockdown was lifted, and the demand for temperature-tracking devices increased, experts pointed out how scanning the forehead is not a good option for accurate readings. 

The sweat on the forehead manages to lower the temperature levels of a person suffering from fever. The hair on the forehead also seemed to alter temperature readings, as well as any kind of headgear. Further, makeup on the face seemed to affect the readings, which prompted experts to come up with a better alternative. As a result, technology companies started developing self-reliant devices that can measure temperature accurately from the fist or wrist. 

Why the fist is a better alternative than the forehead?

It is needless to say that one does not apply makeup on the hand and that the fist has lesser hair than the forehead. However, these are not the only reasons. Any changes in body temperature are carried by the blood circulation to all parts of the body. The network of arteries beneath the skin on the hand helps measure the temperature easily from the hand. The readings are more accurate here with deviations of +/- 0.5 degrees. 

You can prove it with a small experiment. Clench your fist and see for yourself. You will notice the blood vessels carrying the blood to your fingers. The proximity of these blood vessels to the surface of the skin makes it easier to measure temperature from it. 

Why the need for self-sufficient thermometers?

Most of the no-touch fever scanners have to be manually handled by someone. It exposes that person to the infections, thus raising a question of safety. However, self-reliant devices can be mounted on stands and installed at the entrance. The people entering the building need to just put their fists under the scanner check the readings and take appropriate actions. You may wonder that they can trick the scanner and enter the premises even if it shows fever. But these devices come with in-built alarms and auxiliary units to prevent such instances. A monitoring team will also be present at a distance to check and store the readings effectively. 

Who can benefit from these self-reliant infrared scanners?

For places that accommodate many people, like office buildings, hospitals, factories, educational institutes, etc., may benefit from these self-reliant infrared scanners. On the other hand, places visited by different people at different times of the day, like retail stores, shopping malls, etc., also may make the best use of these devices. 

Now, how to prepare a building or an office space for installing such self-reliant thermal scanners? Let us discuss the same below. 

#Step 1: Awareness

Before installing the infrared scanner at the entrance of the office building, one needs to create awareness of its use and benefits among the people. Train the people in your office, including the cleaning staff and security personnel on how to use the system effectively. However, it is impossible to educate every person entering the premises, so make a list of instructions on a board and place it near the device for maximum visibility. If someone feels confused about how to use the scanner, he/she can read the instructions and follow the mentioned steps. 

#Step 2: Choose the spot

The next step that you should take is choosing the place you want to install the scanner. If it is at the entrance, you should make sure that no one misses it while entering. If you have a large, commercial door at the entrance, you can enable a smart locking feature with the help of the scanner. Plug a smart lock into the USB adapter of the infrared scanner, so that the door gets unlocked only after following the instructions of the scanner. Multiple gates and security doors can be controlled with the device, thus prohibiting the entrance of everyone without a temperature scan. 

#Step 3: Decide the type of installation

Next, you have to decide the type of installation you need. Do you want a wall mount or an independently standing device? The first option is applicable for places having enough wall space to install the device without compromising the interior decor. If you do not wish the scanner to impact the wall appearance, you can go for the standing option. It is probably the less hazardous one too, as you can move it to change locations without any hassle. 

#Step 4: Pick the company

Many companies are offering self-reliant infrared fever scanners these days. How will you decide on a suitable one for your office space? Scour the internet for reviews of different companies selling fever scanners. Go to the official website of each company and check out the extensive features of the device that they offer. See which of the fever scanners use FDA-compliant technologies. While the FDA does not manufacture any such device directly, it regulates and approves many of them. However, most of these devices are not sold as medical equipment but as secondary clinical devices for screening people.

#Step 5: Consider the specialties

Once you shortlist a few devices, think of their inherent benefits and what makes them stand out among others. Do they offer storage? Are they completely self-reliant? How accurate are their readings, and how affordable they are? Pondering these questions will save you from buyer’s remorse later. 

#Step 6: Install the device 

The last and most essential step of all is to install the device by experts. After installation, you need to check its functioning and report any discrepancies. If there is a problem, make sure that it is resolved soon before the next day, when the people come running in through the door. You need to pick an off-day for installing the device to make sure that it is fully functional in the morning. 

How Machine Sense can help

Machine Sense is a technology company in the US that specializes in developing unique tech products and equipment for the mass. Its latest development, FeverWarn infrared scanner has been gaining in popularity since its inception. The uncomplicated and affordable device is highly-effective in taking accurate temperature readings and storing them for future reference. With an accuracy of +/- 0.9F and increased self-reliance, FeverWarn is the perfect infrared scanner for places with a large population, like office buildings. 

It comes with both in-built and cloud storage to ensure that the records are kept as data to combat future liabilities. One may also insert a smart lock into the USB adapter of the device to automate the lock/unlock function. As it takes the temperature readings from the fist, there is little or no chance of error. If you are wondering that the infrared scanner by Machine Sense is highly-expensive, as it has so many features, you are wrong. Designed and developed in the US, FeverWarn is reasonably priced. As the virus seems to stay for a while now, it is best to adapt faster to the #newnormal.