MachineSense Releases IoT Fleet Management App on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

MachineSense Releases IoT Fleet Management App on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

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Baltimore, MD – January 25, 2020: MachineSense today officially released version 2.0 of its versatile IoT Fleet Management App - Crystal Ball.  Crystal Ball provides a large number of ready to use functionality for IoT management.

Available on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace for Apps (, CrystalBall from MachineSense is a specialized web application for Industrial IoT ( IIoT) supporting Hybrid Cloud architecture. This app can be used for six primary IIoT functions such as:

  • Predictive Maintenance of the Machines
  • Preventative Maintenance of the Machines and Electrical Power Lines
  • Diagnosis of Electrical Lines and Power Quality Issues
  • Energy management
  • Key performance information (KPI) such as Machine uptime and uptime under load
  • MRO- Maintenance Repair Operation – recommendation system for Plant maintenance crew

Commenting on the new version release which has many new functionalities, Dr. Biplab Pal, CTO of MachineSense said, “CrystalBall is an API driven application which can be made to work with any other kind of Industrial Sensor and PLC. Version 2.0 of Crystal Ball has many advantages as an IoT Fleet Manager over other available IoT management apps”. The key advantages are:

  • Complex Machine Creation is possible with support for 5 levels of machine hierarchy.
  • In Analytics, CrystalBall includes 5 layers of machines, and 3 layers of sensors packages.
  • In Data Visualization, CrystalBall supports 5 layers of visualization, supports expert visualization and Group visualization according to sensor packages and machine hierarchy.
  • Diagnosis of connectivity, gateway, sensor, cloud, edge health service in one portal making CrystalBall most powerful for IIoT diagnosis.
  • In Sensor QC and calibration, CrystalBall provides link for sensor production to field use in a platform-easy way to recalibrate-trace data integrity.
  • In Machine and System calibration, CrystalBall provides automatic QC mechanism for smart devices/machines.
  • CrystalBall also has an application plugin which supports API/Analytic of Edge Analytics.

In terms of IoT data visualization, CrystalBall offers:

  • Colored gauge visualization for simple understanding of Machine Health
  • MRO / Event View
  • Time Series visualization of data up to 6 months
  • Compare the performance/health of two machines
  • Expert visualization, used by data scientists allow to build user-build models of IoT

CrystalBall also offers following IIoT specific functions such as:

  • Defining a complex machine with all the sub-assemblies, machine system etc
  • It allows to package a group of sensors for easy of onboarding a sensor and map to a specific part of the machine
  • Asset management
  • Creating a simple Twin of any machine

In addition, CrystalBall also allows a lot of ancillary IIoT apps by MachineSense to be connected to it such as:

  • Sensor QC ( Quality Control) and Calibration
  • IoT connection auto-diagnostics
  • Gateway health checkers
  • Machine / System QC and Calibration

CrystalBall is a solution for people of domains such as:

  • SME- Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Manufacturing Engineers, Plant Manager, CIOs
  • Data Scientists working in IoT areas
  • IoT developers